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Best/Worst of Eurotrip 2012

April 19, 2013

I thought I’d end this entire Eurotripness with a Best/Worst list to really encapsulate what we enjoyed the most and the least about our travels. To be fair… this is my list. I don’t know what Roisin’s would look like.

1- Dresden, Germany
2- Český Krumlov, Austria
3- Bern, Switzerland
4- Bruges, Belgium
5- Munich, Germany
6- Cinque Terre, Italy
7- Amsterdam, The Netherlands
8- Salzburg, Austria
9- Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland / Nice, France
10- Orvieto, Italy / Venice, Italy

1- Ancona, Italy
2- General heat/humidity, Italy
3- Nice Etape Hotel, France
4- The two idiots who didn’t close the lift doors- Florence, Italy
5- The greasy pizza that literally made the pizza box leak, Italy
6- The assholes who wouldn’t let us sit together on the bus that one time.
7- The creepy dude in the ladies bathroom Vienna, Austria
8- Milan, Italy
9- The wasp in our hotel room Berlin, Germany
10- The final season of Roseanne

I really loved areas in every country that we visited. I was shocked at how much I loved Germany. Honestly would move there tomorrow if I woke up fluent in German. Love, love, love Germany.

But really learned a lot in those few months, would love to go back to so many of those places. There’s so much more to see and do.