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Scotland Adventure Day 6- Loch Ness, Urquhart Castle, Well of the Seven Heads, Inverlochy Castle, Glen Nevis, Glenfinnan Viaduct & Monument, Commando Memorial

September 15, 2011

On this morning we lost Mark, Ashlee, Claudette, Koh Youngjie, Lyn, Ben and of course our tour guide Gill as they were only on the 5 day tour and they were replaced by Siobhan, Sophia, Shae, Lucy, Casey, Scott and our new tour guide Chris who had just started their 7 day adventure.

Here’s my morning tea that cost me a pound :D

Our first stop was Loch Ness.

Really dark water…

At the main gift shop among all the tacky things they had Whiskey flavoured condoms.

On our way to call Nessie out of the water using the power of the Nessie Haka.

(I yoinked this pic from Mike of us doing the haka)

It goes a little like this:
Come to me, come to me- Nessie! Nessie!
Come to me, come to me- Nessie! Nessie!
Ohhh Nessie, Big Beasty!
Ohhh Nessie, Big Beasty!
Come up out of the water Nessie!
Come up out of the water Nessie!
Come to me!, Oh come to me! Oh come to me Nessie!
(you should see the dance that goes with this sucker)
EDIT– and now you can… kinda… via this kind person who posted a video of the action clearly from winter.

Me and the Beasty!

Saucy face

This is Urquhart Castle– most sightings of the Loch Ness monster occur near this area.

This is the Well of the Seven Heads– highly suggest checking out it’s interesting history.

The well-

We stopped in Fort William to grab some grub and then continued on our way…

We had a saunter through Glen Nevis to check out the river- and of course this is close to Ben Nevis which was hard to see due to the rain.

This is Inverlochy Castle– what remains of this 13th Century sucker.

Kerstin in the castle :D

Me in the castle

This is the Glenfinnan Viaduct which most of you would recognize from the Harry Potter films :D

This is the Glenfinnan Monument for the Jacobites seen from the top.

Incredible view behind the monument… and the brief moment of sunshine we had all day

We also stopped at Neptune’s Staircase the longest staircase lock in the UK.

This is by the Commando Memorial– tokens left for loved ones.

And then we arrived at our destination- the best damn hostel in the world: Morag’s Lodge.

Spent the night doing an epic pub quiz- dancing on tables and chairs while asking robots to fetch me drinks.