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Final Wedding for 2009: Michelle and Adam

October 21, 2009

October 1st is me birthday- and I’ve had a fucking horrible run the last few years. (Split pants at a fashion show rehearsal. Cleaning up profuse diarrhea caused by a pet. Just complete shenanigans.) Anyhoo- so since Dan’s sister Michelle had kindly asked me to be a part of her bridal party (see: bachelorette party photos) I lucked out by spending my “special” day enjoying a fantastic meal with good company at her wedding rehearsal. Crisis of horrible proportions on my birthday averted!

(I did try to get Sufjan Stevens tickets for that day but it sold out within seconds. Sad state of affairs. Come back Sufjan!)

Anyhoo- the following day was of course October 2nd and Michelle’s day to wed her lovah Adam. I feel so priveleged to have been around for this journey from the engagement through all the planning and finally to “theeeee” day. I must add that Michelle, her cousin and I all went swimming the morning of the wedding and it was FANTASTIC. I miss swimming. Best exercise ever.

It rained like crazy all day long and it was freezing cold but everything still turned out fantastic. The food was great, the dj wasn’t cheesy, and cupcakes! There were cupcakes! Annnnd of course I got to wear a saucy red dress and actually be a bridesmaid. This is a Kayla first.

Here be some photos:

This is what brides wear underneath their dress ;)

Gettin’ ready

Close up- the lighting is kinda crazy on this photo

Bride is almost ready


The candy table- yeah, you heard right. Candy. Table.

My fellow bridesmaids Tori and Amanda and the view up the head table

Michelle and Adam’s first dance as le husband and le wife

Michelle and her Papi

Grooms get special drinks with lotsa lemons and limes


The Junior Bridesmaids

Me + Bride

Strike a pose

Me + Bride X2

Hippest bride ever? Maybe.

More to come soon soon soon



Beth and Liam got married! + Word on the Street

October 18, 2009

The last weekend of September was pretty spectacular. My friends Beth and Liam got married on the Saturday and then Sunday I worked The Word On The Street Festival for the Beguiling.

First- Beth and Liam’s wedding.
They are not conventional people, expecting that their wedding would be like one you’d been to before would have been completely silly. Everything from the decor to the choice of music and food reflected their personalities and creative quirks.
All of the decorations and boutonnieres were hand made, there wasn’t a typical wedding cake- guests were asked to bring their favorite pie instead. The meal was fancy and delicious mac’n’cheese with tasty ham and specialty ketchups along with a table filled with preserves, cheeses etc.

Sadly my photos didn’t turn out very well. When I used my flash there was a ton of red eye issues and whatnot and when I didn’t they were very dark. Dilemma!
But here’s a few that turned out kinda decent.

My saucy side-ponytail do- rock star?

Creme puff tower oh yes yes!

Decor- I’m a biiiiggg fan

Beth’s father beginning the ceremony

Getting ready to make their vows

Liam saying his vows

The happy couple dancing

Since so many of my photos are piss I thought I’d throw this lovely one on here which was taken by Beth’s uncle I believe

Next of course is Word on the Street. It’s a great fest that I’ve worked a few years now.

Peter, Jerry and Mike selling comics / arm gestures

Ben and Amanda (Commander) outside of the Graphic Novel tent

Christopher Butcher during a comic panel

This concludes my September 2009 re-cap.
On to October!


Bachelorette Addendum

September 21, 2009

This is the clown that made me lose my shit :(