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Edinburgh visit – March + Roisin’s EP Launch

May 2, 2013

Hello again,

Continuing along… the next notable thing that I did with my life was head to Edinburgh two weeks after Roisin’s departure to support her for her EP Launch and fill up on all the UK things that one requires once they know that they exist. Like… getting an entirely new wardrobe of sassy clothes for about £100 from Primark. (I must have spent about 8 hours in there.) Load up on cheap hair dye, Boots’ nice quality cotton make up remover pads, Bonjour Paris eyeliner that I’ve made my staple, and of course delicious burritos, haggis and smoothies.

My whole travel scenario was a bit of a mess… I took a bus 6 hours from Montreal to Toronto- hopped on a plane to Manchester, missed my bus due to a delay- then I had to grab a train from the airport to Edinburgh. Then I finally met Roisin! and then we went and did necessary and slightly un-fun things like getting our eyebrows threaded and picking up all the necessary items from Boots. Then we went back to Roisin’s place and waited for the arrival of one of my favourite people – Mr. Scott Midson- to come join us, also arriving from Machester.

That night we went out for burritos at Illegal Jack’s nom nom nom and decided that evening to dye my hair blonde and then this mango colour that I’ve been swooning over for about 5 years. It turned out fantastique!

The next morning we all went and got piercings (me- rook, Roisin- nose, Scott- forward helix) before coffee and more chit chats, a haircut and then heading to Glasgow that evening for a gig that Roisin was playing with her producer and multi instrumentalist pal Lewis as a lead up to her EP Launch later that week. I also must note here that if you’re ever in Edinburgh and feelin’ an itch for a new piece of jewelry head to Tribe Tattoo and see George. He’s the bloody bee’s knees. I’ve had two piercings done with him and both have healed extremely well.

Another thing to note is that Lucy at Sassoon is the best hairdresser ever. Ever. Ever, ever, ever. I honestly think I’ll continue to travel to Scotland to make sure that no one else touches my tresses- my only exception would be if they are also Sassoon trained. This haircut in particular I think is my favourite… of all my life. And that’s such a nice feeling.

So Roisin was playing The Roxy that night with Erin Todd and Rosie Bans who were delightful. We got to have a sneak peek at some of the tunes that were going to be played at the launch and hear some fantastic music from the other ladies. The video below is one that Scott took of 14.

The next morning we had to say good bye to Scott but we had breakfast at my old work Hula before parting ways so Roisin could practice and I could head to Primark… forever. And never leave.

I ate all the haggis that evening once Roisin persuaded me to leave the store and just chilled out as the EP launch was the very next day.

We kinda had to make the EPs the next morning prior to the show so we made a necessary trip to Lewis’ to get things sorted. Then we got gussied up. Yes, gussied, before making our way to The Wee Red Bar.

Another one of my favourite people- and “mother” of Roisin Hannah O’Reilly opened the show, followed by the incredible Donna Maciocia. I’d never seen her live so that was indeed a treat. Then Roisin took the stage and I was overcome with the proudest “HOLY SHIT THAT’S MAH GIRLFRIEND” feeling ever. She’s so bloody fancy.

For better photos than my shitty horrible ones of the show you can head here.

The rest of my time was pretty much a blur of Los Cardos burritos, coffee, Hula, a fry up and tears … before heading to Manchester to spend a brief evening with Scott before he literally threw me into the train heading to the airport (I would have missed it otherwise heh) and I was on my way back to Montreal… alone… where I would spend about 66 days (not that I’m counting) on my own. *sob*

The happy ending here is duty free of course. I fahking love the duty free store.



Best/Worst of Eurotrip 2012

April 19, 2013

I thought I’d end this entire Eurotripness with a Best/Worst list to really encapsulate what we enjoyed the most and the least about our travels. To be fair… this is my list. I don’t know what Roisin’s would look like.

1- Dresden, Germany
2- Český Krumlov, Austria
3- Bern, Switzerland
4- Bruges, Belgium
5- Munich, Germany
6- Cinque Terre, Italy
7- Amsterdam, The Netherlands
8- Salzburg, Austria
9- Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland / Nice, France
10- Orvieto, Italy / Venice, Italy

1- Ancona, Italy
2- General heat/humidity, Italy
3- Nice Etape Hotel, France
4- The two idiots who didn’t close the lift doors- Florence, Italy
5- The greasy pizza that literally made the pizza box leak, Italy
6- The assholes who wouldn’t let us sit together on the bus that one time.
7- The creepy dude in the ladies bathroom Vienna, Austria
8- Milan, Italy
9- The wasp in our hotel room Berlin, Germany
10- The final season of Roseanne

I really loved areas in every country that we visited. I was shocked at how much I loved Germany. Honestly would move there tomorrow if I woke up fluent in German. Love, love, love Germany.

But really learned a lot in those few months, would love to go back to so many of those places. There’s so much more to see and do.


Eurotrip 2012 – Best of iPhone/Instagram Photos

April 18, 2013


So here’s some of the best photos that I took with my phone- some filtered with Instagram.
The first is from my last day of work at Hula before I embarked on this adventure. Awww I miss that place :(

The final picture is of the Royal Albert which we drove past while we were briefly in London on our way home. I have many good memories from that place.