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Eurotrip 2012- Nice Part 2

April 15, 2013

I’m not really sure why I made this a second post for Nice. That’s September Kayla. September Kayla was surely keen on stretching this bitch out.

So um… well… here’s a few more photos from our second day in Nice. Of all the things I previously discussed.

On this day we did find this amazing little shop that we bought our pal Hannah some earrings in. It was part cafe, part book store, and then it sold loads of crafty things from local artists. I loved it. It was the best shop ever. So we lingered there and drank all the coffee. And no, I have no photos of that place. I’ll have to search through my Instagram mess to find some. Insta-mess…

We did truly enjoy Nice though. The old town was perfect.

Next up is Italy again- Milan. Two more posts to go!