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A visit from Mr. Hunt, Mr. Tompkins and some sweet sweet tunes-

February 10, 2012

I know all these photos really, probably aren’t that fun for anybody else but those involved… but when your “drunkface is drunk” you have to take note and document.

Scott is one of the best people on this planet and he and I hadn’t really got silly together- so along with the legendary Marie Montondo we went out and had the best night ever when he came to visit a coupla weeks ago.

But of course prior to those shenanigans here’s what happened.

We ate all the cake and did all of the talking-

We borrowed Mr. Rodwell’s veggie lasagna recipe and consumed it over a bottle of win(e)

This is Scott’s lasagna face-

Then we got piercings as you do-

Marie Montondo brought us to the most delicious of all the veggie restaurants Black Bo’s nom nom

Then this happened…

I couldn’t possibly love this picture more. Love, love, love.

I really ought to stop making this face.

After an amazing few days with Scott I was bloody privileged enough to get to spend some time with my buddy Josh. I mean privileged- I hadn’t seen him for over ten years, I can remember running into him in the hall of my high school just for a brief moment ages ago… we’d kept in touch but what an epic game of catch up to play after a decade…

I cannot stress how fucking fantastic those few days were with him. Not to mention how lovely it was that he and Róisín got along so well- kindred spirits level of camaraderie.
Kinda wanna keep this visit close to my chest- because it ended up being far more important (for lack of a better word) than I could have ever expected. His return back to Australia was slightly … devastating. Yeah, devastating. I fucking miss that bitch.

I’ve also enjoyed the sweet tunes of some lovely friends lately. Róisín’s BFF (mother) Hannah O’Reilly played a gig at the Edinburgh College of Art- she’s friggen AMAZING.

She let me play her kazoo… it was kinda the best thing ever.
Róisín will likely be pissed that I posted this photo. But it is full of kazoo goodness.

Then last weekend Róisín played an open mic at the Jazz Bar. It ’twas of course- amaaaazing.

You should listen to some of her sweet, sweet, tunes here.




Manchestah visit-

January 11, 2012

In November I made a really random trip to Manchester to pick up some of my left over possessions as well as to visit with friends. I must admit I miss the delicious cafes. Manchester has great cupcakes and cafes. Ohhhhh yes.

Scott is a part of what I like to call my “holy trinity of friendship”- one of my favourite people on this planet. And this is Beau his roommates Rosie and Danni’s puppy. He is the most beautiful dog.

So cute!

The veggie cafe by the university has the most delicious bakewells… good grief.. nom nom

Some absolute knobhead splashed me as I was walking down Oxford road. We are never going to be friends. He is in the douche nozzle pile immediately.

I have to admit as beautiful as Edinburgh was at Christmastime… Manchester has superior markets. I do think so- the only exception being the Orkney burger stall which was the most delicious. Hoo-ray for Orkney.

Adam and I went out for dinner in the evening and chatted while sharing a delicious venison Christmas dinner type thing at the Banyan. I had my first mulled wine of the year as well… actually the only one to date.

I was also able to stop by Pat Val and say hello- While I have a strange relationship with Manchester I definitely miss the lovely folk that I’ve met there.

But I do believe that the move to Scotland was the right thing to do. Oh yes- but more on that later.


Arcade Fire- MEN Arena, August 31st

September 6, 2011

I don’t like to admit this- but until last week I’d never seen Arcade Fire live. I’d had good intentions and my friend Kevin had told me countless times to make them top of my list of “bands to see live”- I just kept failing…

I’d waited so long that when my chance finally came- they were playing … blerg- An arena show. I’ve never been keen on arena shows in general. That normally stops me from even thinking about buying a ticket. But I have to say, I think I’ve changed my mind about them.

Arcade Fire were able to make this MASSIVE space feel tiny- they were capable of ushering in a sense of community… very impressive.

They are absolutely incredible live. I would go again- no matter the venue- even if it were 5 times the size of the MEN Arena. Lesson. Learned.

The Setlist

Ready to Start
Keep the Car Running
Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)
No Cars Go
(With “Champagne Supernova” snippet)
Speaking in Tongues
Suburban War
Wake Up
Neighborhood #2 (Laika)
Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)
We Used to Wait
Neighborhood #3 (Power Out)

Month of May
Rebellion (Lies)
The Suburbs
The Suburbs (Continued)

I took some photos but please note I’m not in my normal front row position…

Noah and the Whale – who to be honest were kinda underwhelming. I dig them- but they were pretty meh…

Firey Arcades

I wish we could all have massive bands with all the talented members…

Very full MEN Arena