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June & July 2014: Sad and Happy Times

October 20, 2014

So after months of deliberation, we still couldn’t quite sort out what we were going to do. Niagara/Hamilton still had so much appeal due to low housing costs, proximity to Toronto and some fantastic friends … and wine. Toronto itself still felt a bit too expensive and in the long term would mean that saving for things like a house or holidays would be a tad trickier, although job prospects were likely to pay much higher. Blurg.

Then my parents suggested they come get us and at least bring us to Ontario to get us that much closer to actually making a choice. My job hunting from Montreal in the hopes that employment would guide us was not proving fruitful and we really did need to shit or get off the pot.

So we moved. And as we were moving I got the terrible news about my friend Awn which I’ve mentioned in a previous post. And being close to family and old friends seemed like a pretty good idea.

I loved my job at Cult. I felt so proud of the work I was doing and being self-employed was lovely. But Montreal wasn’t right for us on so many levels. It’s an incredible and vibrant city. But it was a heart vs. a head thing and it just never felt like home. There was no sense of permanence and I think you’ve got to listen to those cues.

I think to say that the past few months have been a struggle would be a bit of an understatement but I also feel like I’ve had to tackle worse things. The trip back to Essex County to live with my parents came with a sense of relief because we were actually moving … towards something. My parents generosity was really incredible as we’d likely still be hemmin’ and hawwin’ in Montreal pondering whether to sell everything we owned in order to start over or abuse our friendships in order to make our way to Ontario. But it was also sad. Because I wasn’t going to be the *Assistant Editor* of a culture paper. I was back to square one. Again.

We weren’t even back in the province for a week when we made arrangements to get ourselves to Toronto to head to Awn’s Celebration of Life. I found comfort in cozy things like hot dog stands and the Danforth but the weeks following were pretty much a blur of tying things up with the paper, frustrating job hunting and learning a tune for a much happier occasion, my pal Ryan’s wedding.

We were super chuffed to be asked to sing during their ceremony. Together we chose this tune:

But then we sang it like these ladies:

The ceremony was beautiful, the whole weekend actually was incredible. Ryan is one of my oldest pals. We met in the time of ICQ, via the internets, so to see how far we’ve come and to have a few moments to celebrate was sorely needed and an absolute treat. I’ve loved getting to know his wife Val and all her pals at the wedding were hella awesome. All the photos of the wedding were taken by the talented Juliette Capdevielle (including the one where I was enjoying the joys of tobacco (sorry mum!)) – you should probably go and like her page. Maybe she could capture your special day hmm?

So after a ride on the emo rollercoaster, we decided to have a holiday and join my parents up north in Sauble Beach for a week, where a) we chilled the fuck out and b) decided to make some decisions. And this was where we decided to give Windsor a bash.

We figured: Job hunting sucks everywhere at the moment. Windsor is close to family removing costs for planes, trains, buses for special events like Christmas and allowing for many more fam jams. Houses are all kinds of cheap in Windsor so our future goals are actually at our fingertips. Windsor is right next to Detroit so we won’t miss out on sweet concerts/tours and it’s on the same latitude line as northern California so it’s hella warm compared to pretty much the rest of Canada. Lots of wineries live here and a surprising amount of cute independent businesses. WHY NOT?

So refreshed, we started flat hunting and decided to put the cart before the horse and head out to Windsor, move in and then search for employment while residing in our new home. So much more about this move in my next post.

Roisin’s mum also turned 50 in July so we made her a video. I spared you the French Happy Birthday singin’ and such. But in case you’d find it amusing, enjoy:

So much more later…


July 2013: Sauble Beach + Cult MTL Anniversary

January 30, 2014

We were enjoying the Montreal summer and the wee bit of spending cash that we finally had in our pockets.

A few highlights from the month included an interview with Guy Maddin, who as far as I’m concerned is a Canadian legend. I found myself recollecting the many screenings from my Canadian Cinema course in university.

We finally caved mid-month and bought a fan as temperatures reminded us of the sweltering Italian heat and Roisin began to play a few gigs here and there in Montreal and doing some stand-up comedy at open mics.

Nearing the end of the month, we took a trip to hang-out with my parents in Sauble Beach, sandwiching a gig to see Tegan and Sara in Chatham in the middle as I’d acquired some V.I.P. passes (more about that in the next post). I think we picked the perfect time for a vacation as the weather co-operated and gave me a chance to introduce Roisin to the joys of swimming in a lake vs. the ocean.

At the concert, I was also able to pass along my proposal for my comic project to Tegan & Sara. There’s still so much to do as far as that’s concerned – I shudder to think when I’ll actually be able to show anyone what I’ve been toiling away at. But I’m also not keen on rushing it this time around. I really want to give each page and every line care and attention.

We got back in time to celebrate the one year anniversary of Cult MTL. We drank and were merry, not to mention the turn-out was tremendous.

I think by the end of July I finally got used to the new routine. I started to enjoy writing a bit more. At first, I have to admit, I found myself so rusty and so unprepared for the demands of creating content for the daily web and twice-monthly publication.

One of the last things I covered at the end of July was CollegeHumor’s Coffe TownDefinitely a flick worth watching. It also resulted in my boss introducing us to It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. So good.

EDIT: I almost forgot! One of the friggen saddest things that happened to me in 2013 was the half-death of my long-time companion and friend: Demetree a.k.a. A Girl’s Best Friend a.k.a. my Asus Eee PC *sob*. I’m very much a luddite in some respects and I really don’t want for the newest and bestest technology as long as what I’ve got is functioning. This tiny, and I mean TINY, netbook saw me through from 2009-2013. To be fair, he’s not entirely dead – he continues to chug along on my desk. He plays TED talk when I need company and I still manage to do all my Photoshop stuff on him which boggles so many minds. My new computer is also an ASUS but a bit bigger. I’ve named him Gary.

Recap of my stint in Sauble Beach with the folks

August 8, 2009

I haven’t posted anything about my vacation yet so I thought I’d do a quick post.

My three days off work, combined with the three day weekend allowed for 6 days away- not super long but enough to get a little refreshed.

Time was spent mostly cross stitching this Santa Claus and just chit chatting with the folks:

I was able to catch up with my mum. My dad retired in the spring after too many years at GM working long hours and shift work and my mum was somewhat on the fence on whether or not she should take this plunge as well. She really digs her job. It’s fulfilling and she gets to help people on a daily basis. That combo doesn’t really allow you to take your leave and never look back. Eventually she did decide to retire, but to work next year via contract. So I basically got to talk to her more about her feelings on retirement and whatnot. My parents bought a new trailer in Sauble and recently moved into a new house too so it’s been a lot of change since early spring. It’s nice when she opens up a bit and shares on an “adult level”.

She also taught me how to knit purl and to change colours. Last year I learned basic knitting but now I can jazz things up a bit. This is what I have in progress: (knit a row, purl a row)

I also stopped by The Patch which is such a fantastic little shop! The jewelry is what kills me. I feel like 90% of what I own comes from there. I picked up a few necklaces and whatnot but my favorite were the earrings I bought- a little fork and a little spoon! It’s kinda hard to see but that’s the fork:

We also watched all of the Harry Potter flicks, one a night until I left. My mum has read all of the books too and she’d never sat down and watched the movies. It was pretty cool scooching the couches around the TV late at night to watch the next chapter of the series.

And finally just for fun someone posted about this library recently and it blows my mind. It’s absolutely drool-inducing. There are few things I want more in life than my very own library. That’s when I know that I’ve made it.


PS- There’s also a talk on TED (I was just informed by Willow Dawson about the library! Go here.