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Journalists and Cat Ladies

September 4, 2009


I just thought I’d post a friendly little note to tell you that I’ve started doing some articles for Transmission X Comics. I’m pretty stoked as I haven’t written for any form of publication since 2007. It’s nice to put that hat back on.

My first article is tiny, just a re-cap on the Fan Expo weekend, you can read it here.

I’ll probably link to these whenever they get posted on the main site, so I assume you’ll see quite a few more in the future.


I also wanted to tell you that I want to see this Cat Ladies documentary SOOOOO badly.

The official website is here, and of course you can see the trailer below. Enjoy.



Fan Expo will always result in a lack of sleep + warm fuzzies

August 30, 2009

This weekend was the Hobbystar Fan Expo which truth be told, isn’t really my fave but it does mean that some friends come to town and festivities erupt marking a) the inevitable end to con season and b) the end of summer.

Friday after work I went to the Transmission X party. For some reason my inner introvert came out to play at first but Cameron (or C-Stew as I like to call him) and Ramon managed to pull me outta my sillies and I joined in on the fun. It was a good time. Highlights included getting to see Darwyn for the first time since TCAF in 2007 and reminding him of a home-made comic called Titty Terror and general silly conversation. Not to mention it was nice to see Arthur and his wife Neelam although I kinda failed at having a decent conversation there.

Anyhoo, I got pretty stoked about the prospect of trying on C-Stew’s sunglasses as I’d always wanted to check out Ray-Ban’s but feared pushy sales people. I think this all indicates how much I miss my “fake” glasses since they broke. (For those not ‘in the know’ I used to have a bit of a collection of glasses sans-prescription but now they’ve all managed to break in one way or another. Note to self: acquire more.) I also managed to try on Kalman’s when he came in later on. I feel like I could pull off both pairs. Yeah?

I got Cameron to join in on this one.

Narcissism aside, I was then silly enough to place my camera on the table and go to the bathroom. Apparently I forgot that when intoxicated this is an invite to come home with pictures like the following on your memory card. Of course I knew what was going on when it was happening, but I may have been a bit foggy in the morning making this a little more amusing.

This is Chris, the fellow who kidnapped my photo taking device

Up close and personal with Thom

Close up on Ramon


Two sexy devils… am I right?

Giggles and giggles and giggles

Probably my favorite photo because I look completely freaked out

Bruno and Thom

Not really sure what’s happening here. But clearly it’s full of awesome

The walk home from Pape/Danforth was interesting as it was POURING RAIN and thus it resulted in soaked-ness. I did reach a point though where I stopped fighting it and just accepted the fact that I was soaked to the skin. I think I may have actually closed my eyes and put my arms out for a few seconds. But when I got home I gathered evidence:

Saturday I went to the Fan Expo and that basically entailed catching up with a ton of people who I haven’t seen for ages and then a repeat of Friday night’s shenanigans. But this time it involved the additional company of Mike and Eric which is just a pile of silly sauce, and cheesecake brownies.

Sunday I went to ANOTHER wedding shower. No photos there, just tasty, tasty cheese in my belly.