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TCAF re-cap

August 10, 2011

This is a long time coming- but here’s my TCAF re-cap.

I wanted to write something a while back but other things became a priority and poor poor blogging got shoved onto the back burner for months.

TCAF is one of my favorite things ever.  I think anyone who enjoys art, literature, comics … art in general really, should at least make the trek out to the show once.  I was so bloody excited to be invited to exhibit- it felt so surreal being on the other side of the table after working the event so many times.

Adam and I got in a day or so prior to the show so here we are enjoying breakfast at Fran’s on the Friday morning.

Adam with his morning milkshake:

Arthur with his fake smile:

Philippa with her Canadian water:

We had a bit of an adventure around the city that afternoon- exploring Kensington market and china town. We saw these cakes with their gloopy horses.

The following morning of course was TCAF.  Here are some shots of my table. I think I made it quite attractive. Who doesn’t enjoy a bit of lime?

I was very, very, lucky and sold out of all of my copies of the Galavant collection before the show even closed on Sunday. I personally don’t even own a copy of the book. So, so kind of everyone who bought it- I will have more copies for Thought Bubble this November. I can’t wait to actually own one of those bad boys!

You can see Adam in this photo as well on our shared table :D

Adam’s table:


They had a slide show of all the books debuting at TCAF behind me and I kept trying to keep an eye out for Galavant to make an appearance and I was lucky enough to snap this shot. Proud moment-

I drank my weight in Tim Hortons hot chocolate while I was there. I love and miss the small takeaway cups-

Busy, busy show…

I love this shot that Paul Hillier took of me holding up the January collection. Sheer excitement. (frightening?)

On the Saturday night Adam and I attended the Doug Wright Awards. I’d persuaded him to go with me last year and we’d really enjoyed ourselves- I think it’s a must-do when in town for TCAF. I look forward to them every year.

They also had Don McKellar as an MC again. Total bonus! All Canadian film students learn to love the man.

Amusing Jack Layton joke illustrated by John Martz.

David Boswell was inducted into the Giants of the North-

Discussion with Seth:

Afterwards Adam and I roamed through part of the University of Toronto towards an after party to celebrate the first day.

Of course we ended up doing some karaoke- it didn’t feel as silly-good-times as it normally does but Becky Cloonan sure does throw down. Respect.

After the show on Sunday getting food with friends turned into a bit of a shenanigan (as it always does at a convention) so Adam and I ended up solo at this lovely Italian restaurant on Baldwin St. One of the best food streets. Mmm food street.

Afterwards we walked through china town – past amazingly named buildings to The Dakota Tavern where Jeffrey Lewis was playing a gig. I have to admit that all intelligent thoughts left my head while chatting with him for a bit. He bought a copy of Galavant which is slightly troubling as it’s my first comic-related dabbling… ramble ramble ramble

I love the Dakota. Great place for great music.


And there we have it- that was my TCAF experience… the coles notes.

Afterwards I went to visit my folks and ate home cooked meals (and BBQ)- went for a bike ride and showed Adam where I grew up. Relaxed- then back to Manchester I flew.



Thought Bubble 2010

December 19, 2010

This year I exhibited at Thought Bubble for the first time. I’d heard from friends that it was the UK’s best comic show- that it was akin to Toronto’s TCAF, and I must say- it was tres fantastique!

During the weeks prior to the event, I worked hard trying to get my first collection of my webcomic Galavant together: The month of January. I hope to eventually collect February and March into their own individual books as well- then later on do a full collection of the whole thing.

I also got some new business cards, made badges, stickers and then worked on some cardboard cut outs for my table:

When Adam and I arrived at the hotel in Leeds we spotted him on a large screen advertising events and workshops happening throughout the weekend.

The show was incredible, I was really surprised by all the interest with my comic- apparently travelogues aren’t really the norm.

I found it a little odd trying to sell my memories, but then again- I guess that’s what many people try to do. When it comes down to it- I just produce the type of thing that I’d be interested in reading. It’s just nice to see that some other people seem to be keen on that kind of thing too-

It was also really nice to meet Richard Bruton from the  Forbidden Planet International blog and his daughter Molly. He took this photo of Adam and I at our table-

Here they are with Adam’s collection 4 of The Everyday

I tried for the first time to do a few “con sketches” but I don’t think it’s really my forte. I felt like it took me away from the crowd- it stopped me from chatting to whoever passed by- and to be honest, I wasn’t entirely pleased with the work I produced. Lesson learned, I must draw in my own time and bring originals to a show. I don’t think I will be producing anything on the spot again. (Sorry)

This was the best one I could do- including Spider-Man:

Adam does way, way better on the spot. The skills of a seasoned veteran:

Philippa Rice created this fantastic diorama for Thought Bubble. You can see a bunch of fellow creators’ merchandise. I was honoured to have a tiny ‘Galavant- January’ in there beside Adam’s Collection 4.

I also got to meet the tres talented Sarah McIntyre whose work I’ve been admiring from afar for a while now. She took this photo- I think it’s the only one of me at my table. I was kinda giddy…

After a bit of a shenanigan in the “trying to find somewhere to eat” category- we finally made our way to the dance floor. I must say I was most excited by the dancing of Marc Ellerby. He is a vivacious spitfire of a man when he grooves. But I do have to say that Ellen Lindner, David O’Connell and I owned that sucker and go the party started.

Here is a lovely photo that was passed my way from the dance floor. The fantastic wellie earrings were bought earlier on from Lynn Allingham. You can see more of her work here.

I think I left the dance floor twice that whole night. Dancing is my favorite.

The next day was just as lovely- there was a drop in ‘n’ draw organized with workshops happening in a building that houses both a library and art gallery- in the cafe. I set up my table again- it was such a great afternoon, perfect tone after a long day of comic-ness and night of dancing.

Lovely lovelies drawing-

I really, really liked the architecture in the building. THE TILES! The tiles!

See the ceiling!!

Philippa brought her Dream Date game along and asked that we create our own hunks to join the ones that already come with the game.

Adam made Roy:

And to my amusement- he drew Chip Zdarsky a fellow Torontonian and saucebot.

It was AWESOME. I had such a fantastic weekend and I walked away feeling excited- like I had fresh interest in my own work- new ideas.

I felt like I had a better understanding of what I was doing- what it could mean and the challenges that I had to face with my work. It’s nice to put a little more thought behind things…

Anyhoo- for more reading on the weekend you can head to the following links for individual reports:

Forbidden Planet

Sarah McIntyre

Adam Cadwell

Joseph Glass

Then there’s this as well-Thought Bubble in comic form.

I also did a few podcasts and interviews while at the show. Here is the interview that I did with The Sidekick Cast. I like that auto-bio comics really aren’t their thing- but our meeting may have caused them to ponder that whole genre a bit more.

I also appeared in Sean Azzopardi’s Best of the Year on the Forbidden Planet blog. I am extremely greatful- flattered etc, etc, etc.

It’s been a great year in comics.

I am excited looking at all my future projects- excited about the future of Galavant and just about silly projects and ideas in general.

Everyone should have a weekend like this. It’s bloody refreshing.


July and August recap! cap cap!

September 2, 2010

I know what you’re thinkin’ right- HOLY SHIT YOU D-BAG YOU HAVEN’T POSTED IN ALMOST TWO MONTHS!… or is that just me? I am thinking that. Most definitely.

I’m gonna try and fill ya in on what’s been goin’ on, but truth be told I may not say too much. I’m just going to bombard you with photos instead and then hope that I acquire a camera some time in the near future which will curb my neglect. I think- that’s the plan. I’ve been relying on Adam and his iPhone for all photo goodies as of late and it’s a bit of a pickle seeing as, … well, it is his phone. Thus, my urgent need for photographic evidence and for the ‘documenting of things’ has had to take the back seat.

So first up- was a birthday party where I met a bunch of Adam’s friends and acquaintances.

This photo was taken and later tagged on Facebook- I like candid:

Then mid July Adam and I worked with We Are Words + Pictures on a children’s comic event at Legoland in Windsor with the lovely Mike Leader.

We were lucky enough to meet Fabio Moon and Gabriel Ba on this excursion in London- who were in town for a Brazil fest- they also painted the mural (seen below) on the South Bank of the Thames by the BFI building. Tres jolie!

We had a pretty fantastic time in Windsor as well- getting to know Mike and his weird fascination with mailboxes. “IT’S VICTORIAN!”
Taking photos of old crooked houses in the smallest street in England…
And being late on our first day due to a parade…
We lucked out with a sunny weekend :D
Here’s the tent, pirate themed of course.
On day 2 of the event we met at Paddington station and found that silly bear.
The inside of the tent:
Telling kids to make comics because they’re awesome.
No one is sure what this is about-
You can read an actual proper, well executed, article about this event over at the We Are Words + Pictures website here. This of course was written by Mike.
Then at some point in early August Adam’s sister Jolene came to visit- so this is on the day we met, going out for a fancy dinner by the new flat. Note: the canal, the very tall Hilton and how cute we are.
Early August also marked the birthday of Casta La Vista– which is my favorite podcast and should be yours too.
So Adam and I saddled up to lend our uh… support to the boys on their special day.
Your handsome hosts:
Ex-roommate love *tear*
Then of course there was Scott Pilgrim.
My cousin made a comic which you might have heard of, maybe.
It was a bit of a shenanigan getting there, having tickets then not having tickets, then actually getting tickets to the premiere via a friend of Adam’s- then being told I was being looked after but then further confusion baaahhhhhh
The most important bit of info is that although the day was slightly exhausting and full on confusion/ frustration- we did end up going by some fluke.
Red carpet- Michael Cera is to the left in red.
Adam on the red carpet- you can see Mr. Cera a bit clearer here.
Can’t really explain my sweet pose here, looks like I’m pickin’ a wedgie so let’s call it “the wedgie-picker”

Me and Mr. John Allison who was Mr. O’Malley’s date for the evening.

Once in the theater we watched the cast doing interviews outside  on the big screen: Edgar Wright (for another post related to Edgar Wright via yours truly go here.
Mr. Bryan Lee O’Malley admiring the crowd
Micheal Cera:
Mary Elizabeth Winstead:
Simon Pegg:
Who I luckily ran into on the way to the loo after the film and managed to geek out and get an autograph (bottom leftish):
He is just as hip in person- truuuuue story.
Brandon Routh:
Waiting for movie magic!
They got the whole cast up on stage- really, really fun to see this whole thing happen- from the comics to this … justs :O
I believe I’m also able to add now that I was an extra on the set of Mr. Scott Pilgrim for about three weeks. I can be seen briefly and blurrily in the background at The Clash At Demonhead concert and throughout the Roxie fight scene.
Now for some ha-ha! Only in London would you find a poster like this:
Adam has started showing me the sights in Manchester. This is the Vimto statue.
And yes, like a parent he likes to get me to stand beside the things we see ;)
Then I made a delicious potato salad! DELICIOUS!
Our apartment is almost there- and by ‘almost there’ I mean almost at the point where we’ll take an metric poop ton of photos of all the rooms and post them somewhere for people to ooooo and ahhhh.

Adam has managed to put up pretty much all of our framed artwork. Here’s a bit of a preview.

This is what you see when you first walk through our door:
Glancin’ down the hallway:
Then last weekend we had the fantastic company of three lovely ladies at our humble abode as they went on a Liverpool excursion and then went to the Manchester Drink’N’Draw. These ladies were of course Lizz Lunney, Philippa Rice and Anne Holiday.
Before gettin’ into the booze + drawin’ equation we went and checked out the John Rylands Library. Manchester is the right place for bibliophiles. Remember this?
And this is what happens when I try to take pictures of Adam and I in the library.
Drink’N’Draw was fantastic. For a full write up you can see Adam’s post over here.
And this is Gary made my the very talented Philippa. We’re lovers. I love him. Love.
Unnnnntil next time!