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November & December 2015: Engagement photos, Hamilton and Chrimbo

February 19, 2016

In November, we traveled to Toronto to get our engagement photos taken in Kensington market with our ridiculously talented weddang photographer Jennifer Moher. (Honestly. Check her portfolio. Insane.)

As our wedding is all NATURE! – we opted for a much more urban couples session.

The results from that shoot… are just ahhhhhh. Who knew we could look so good?

During that trip we got to visit with my pal Bevan and we also took the opportunity to check out Hamilton as a prospective new home. It ticked a lot of boxes. Lots of wee cafes, lovely restaurants and bars – proximity to Toronto, housing is affordable… overall pretty good. But of course, we’re a bit hesitant this time around, lest we fuck this up one more time.

We did discover Tiki Sushi here in Windsor. And what a delicious find that was. Their shrimp ceviche is a thing of dreams – not to mention their oysters. I’m salivating already.

Saturday Night Beaver continued to plod along – November’s actually went over the bar’s capacity. Then in December we did a video dance party as a throwback to the days of the MuchMusic video dances. It was hella successful and really, really fun.

Roisin played for the Windsor Independent‘s Gallery series –

And the normal prep that accompanies Christmas happened. I decided to abuse my Indigo discount something fierce. There’s only a couple days before Christmas where I get 40% off. As we were skint, I bought all my Chrimbo presents in one day along with enough books to last a year. Mmmm books. Merry Christmas Kayla.


August, September & October 2015: A couch, a turkey and a wedding

February 18, 2016

In August, Roisin and I started what is essentially a lesbian promotions company called Schecter. (Insert nod to L Word-watching lesbians here.) So we started a monthly queer dance party called Saturday Night Beaver.

We wanted there to be loads of wee nuggets for our patrons. We put videos on the screens at the bar celebrating lesbian pop culture and chose some djs who we thought would understand our audience. And it wasn’t bad. We threw the first one during pride week and it was actually quite good.

The Windsor Star
interviewed us – you can check that out here.

I think we decided that if we were going to be in Windsor for a while we might as well make the best of it. So we started filling some gaps. As Windsor doesn’t really have a designated “lesbian hangout” – we made one.

Once we’d managed to pay off pretty much all of our debt we also decided to make ourselves comfortable, so we purchased a couch. A nice mid-century-lookin’ gray adult couch with wooden legs. We adulted. And time just kept sweeping by.

I had to laugh, in September Scott Moffatt came to town. As a Hanson-loving teen, the Moffatts were also on my playlist. It was a strange experience watching this isolated member messing around with synths. Weird, weird, weird. Also – thank god for the internet and the maturing of my musical palette.

I also designed and mailed out our Save the Dates. This weddang is gettin’ real.

Roisin and I also took on a turkey. We cooked it on our own as well as all the trimmings. No one died, we’re still together. I was well impressed.

Then, mid October, my sister got hitched at a private ceremony. It was pretty quick but her and her dude decided it was time and they did it their way. It was a lovely ceremony, a delicious meal and a superb celebration.

I continued with my two-job shuffle, Roisin continued to work full time at Villains … lather, rinse, repeat.

It was around this time that our itchy feet started to get pretty bad. This period of time was likely the beginning of the end. I think over the summer we could have clawed things back. But I’m pretty sure over the fall we started silently coming to terms with the idea that Windsor was a faux pas. That we’d done it again.

One saving grace was that we got new neighbours- and they’re AMAZING! They’re a lovely married couple from Hamilton and they love cats and they love music and teen movies and they’re not loud and they don’t mind lesbians and it’s so nice to feel safe in our home.

This is our neighbour Alex at Halloween:

May, June & July 2015: Work & Windsor

February 17, 2016

Blogging is weird.

Windsor, is also weird.

So just as I was getting my grump on and feeling like my job situation was not fulfilling – I lost my job. Hooray for being made redundant without warning!

So in an absolute panic I asked Indigo to take me back and then I started digging around for any work at all. I landed a contract with the Media City Film Festival to be their Guest Services Coordinator… which was a lot of work but also fantastic because it stopped me from spiraling into a pit of self loathing and pity.

Then I also got a gig at Craft Heads Brewing Co. as a barista/bartender combo. And life improved a bit. But for pretty much all of July I was working one of my three jobs, erratic hours… blurg.

Roisin started playing more gigs in the city – her gig at Phog in particular was fantastic and our pal Bronwen was lovely enough to film some of the tunes.

Montreal band Folly and the Hunter played a gig in the city which was a fantastic slice from our old lives. I think it just added another drop in the bucket of woes. We weren’t happy in Montreal… but perhaps we were happier there than we are in Windsor.

To try and cheer me up Roisin surprised me with a weekend at Caesars Casino. We acted like total monkeys drinking milkshakes and going to the pool – staying up late and watching HGTV. I will always feel like a child misbehaving when I spend a night in a hotel room sans adults.

Here’s some videos of Roisin being ridiculous.

I think we spent a lot of the summer trying to make each other laugh and keep each other’s spirits up. This of course included one morning when Roisin and I decided to make a game out of a trip to our local variety store to get some eggs. I said we should dress up. She suggested that we dress as each other. Little did we know we’d run into someone we knew on the way out of our building. It’s the little things right?

I think we just started out so positive and so excited for a change… then almost a year into things we realized we’d made the wrong choice… again. I just don’t know if anywhere will ever feel right.