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March & April 2015: Coasting, neighbours who are scum, weddang-prep gets real

June 17, 2015

I honestly think that to a degree I spent a pretty good portion of March annoyed at Canada and annoyed at Windsor.

While some things were working out, like Roisin’s job – other things not so much. The biggest problem being our neighbours.

From the moment we moved into our flat we knew that they were total psychos. This couple’s arguments were super aggressive and numerous. And the various descriptors they used for each other were hella colourful. One night when I heard the chick screaming for him not to touch her, I called the police – to hear him later that evening accusing her of making the call, resulting in another massive argument. Oi. You can’t win eh?

He slammed their door with such force that he broke the dead bolt lock, they never cleaned up after their animals – the smell was so bad they almost got evicted for it, their cat shat in front of our door, we’d frequently see him wandering around naked… and then they started shouting “faggots! faggots! faggots!” along to Lady Gaga tunes…

One night after Roisin knocked on the wall when they were playing super loud music past midnight, she heard them say “it’s those faggots next door” – which prompted her to knock on their door and tell him never to call us that again which turned into him eventually saying “I hate gay people,” that it’s “against his religion” etc. etc.

This whole shitshow resulted in us filing complaints across the board and having the bloody longest and (at times) super unreasonable dialogue with our landlord. I can’t believe how difficult it was to get them to agree to break our lease on the basis that we no longer felt safe in our own home. My favourite part of the whole thing was when I received a heated email from the letting agency’s owner clarifying that she is “28 years old and a graduate from the University of Windsor” … so? Some of your tenants are harassing your other tenants in a hate-crimey way. Sort it.

All of this for them to be evicted at the end of April… so we stuck around. Mind you, I think our letting agency is ridddled with some of the most incompetent arseholes I’ve ever met. It’s kind of impressive.

Bah. And I guess in general I was just starting to get simultaneously annoyed with the transit system.
It was really bothering me how Canadians seem to just accept two weeks vacation (10 fucking days a year) because “that’s just how it is.”
I wasn’t entirely happy with my own gig – I hate how a full-time job, Monday-Friday with a salary and benefits seems to be going extinct. Grump, grump, grump.

It also didn’t help that our building’s boiler was so fucked that we only had heat for about a week in March. A record-breaking, cold month of March for Windsor.


So it goes.

We kept ourselves busy with Roisin’s monthly Chan Bangs, our pal Bronwen took us to a Pistons game which was a sensory overload + all the food. We got a fancypants kitchen table for cheaps, Roisin turned 24 and we had an exceptional party at our pal Naomi’s who went all out and acquired fancy balloons and decor.

Naomi and I also went to see Belle & Sebastian in early April. Roisin’s pal Stina is in this outstanding band called Honeyblood and they were opening for them in Royal Oak and she put Roisin on the guest list. As Roisin had to work, Naomi and I went together and did all the swooning. They’re honestly incredible. Belle & Sebastian of course are legendary but I left there bloody wow’d by Honeyblood. If you hear about them playing anywhere near you go check them out! Go! Go! Go!

We also started to get things rollin’ wedding-wise. We got our preferred date at our venue back in January: September 10th, 2016. We’re getting hitched at the Ball’s Falls Conservation Area – in their old barn. Yes, the lesbians getting married at Ball’s Falls.

So in early April we took a trip with my folks out to Niagara to check it out and take some photos. We also met with our catering company who I’m extremely stoked about. They do everything – they honestly have us covered for the whole bloody day. We also met with our videographer Adam from Captivate Bridal.

We found our photographer by fluke. I was google image searching “ball’s falls wedding” and this one picture turned up and it was from Jennifer Moher’s website. She’s so bloody talented. I’ve always preferred candid shots to posed… she’s our one sincere indulgence in this whole planning process. I really urge you to check out her portfolio. So good. So excited.

Here be some photos of the ol’ Ball’s Fall (minus the falls themselves cause it was hella muddy)

And things continued to roll along…



A bit of a re-cap-

May 24, 2010

I haven’t posted in a while so I thought I’d throw some photos on here in an attempt to catch things up.

In April it was my friend Rosie’s 40th birthday- thus her lover Jeremy and sister Laura decided to stage a surprise party at the swanky Table 17. The surprise element didn’t necessarily make it out of the gate- there were a few blunders, but the evening was still quite delicious!

I decided to try venison for the first time- you can also see my potatoes in the bottom right corner which were mashed with duck fat. OH BOY!

I guess this is how you feel when you’re 40 ;) – Rosie and Jeremy.

Delicious birthday cake!

Rosie and Laura

So I finished unpacking (as you may have seen in my previous post) and with that came the huge purge of my belongings… but somehow these suckers made it through my first run.

Then on April 26th (to be exact) two awesome things happened.
First, my lovah mister Adam Cadwell flew to Canada for his first time ever to attend TCAF, but lingered a bit longer to spend a whole 2.5 weeks with me. :D
The second thing was: that evening we went to see Jeffrey Brown talk at a Toronto Library which made me swoon. The man is a bit of a hero, so I tried to reel it in. Heh, tried. Adam snapped this photo- the colour red FTW!

I tried to show Adam as much of Toronto as possible, (you can see his photo set here) this also included many Tim Horton’s excursion + Cold Stone Creamery. This is me tryin’ out the Birthday Cake Remix.

At risk of makin’ some people puke- I’m throwing some swooney lovey photos on here. Long distance relationships can be tricky so I believe I’m allowed to wallow in my happiness.

Marc and Anna came into town early May which was super rad. We had dinner in Dundas Square at Milestones in this hip 4th floor patio thinger.

The next day the four of us went to Niagara and enjoyed the Maid of the Mist and our fancy blue raincoats, which I must tell you- are really quite necessary.

Then of course there was TCAF! This was the first time since 2005 that I wasn’t working the show which was really, really nice. I sat with Adam for the most part, but one guy didn’t show up so I nestled in between Howard Hardiman and Ray Fawkes for a bit. My main goal was passing out 200 flyers for my webcomic.

Howard and I- you can see Jamie McKelvie to the left there and Adam and Anna behind us.

Howard and his boyfriend Jonathan as well as Julia and her fiance Nevs stayed at my place- it was a little crowded but it worked out pretty well. Sadly everyone took turns getting sick :( (Well, except for Howard and Jonathan who were fit as fiddles the entire time.) I do have to say that eating delicious cake and watching a Muppet film on their final night was the right way to make an exit. Cake always wins. Always.

But of course, because it was TCAF after all, there was some epic karaoke goodness on the Saturday night. I think Andrew and I were rockin’ out to Kelly Clarkson here-

I yoinked a few of these photos from Chris Butcher here and from Jim Zubkavich here.

So now- this is where I’m at. I have a visa to live in the UK for 2 years. I can work and do the whole thing properly- my plane leaves on June 22nd. Between now and then I’ve been working at The Beguiling, getting ready for Anime North which happens next weekend. I’ve been selling my furniture and going through all of my belongings once more. My apartment is literally only a shadow of the photos I took before. I’ve sold both my bookcases and had to pack them up a little over a week after I set them up. Things are kinda crazy, but I’m really excited. I’m thinkin’ about things differently. I don’t feel like I’m going through the motions anymore. I’m actually living each day which sounds so blah- but honestly- it is way too easy to get caught up in the 9 to 5.

More soon!

Nadine, Andrew and Kayla + Impala, 9 wineries, deep fried pickles and home made ice cream= Saturday

August 16, 2009

Some friends of mine got married and held a hand holding ceremony for their families in the Niagara region last month which prompted lots of talk about my University stomping ground. Talk was mostly about food: deep fried pickles, ice cream and other tasty things but this all translated into my friend Nadine asking if I’d like to join her for a Niagara wine excursion.

This wine excursion happened yesterday and it was 12 lovely shades of awesome.
We also had the addition of Andrew Wheeler to our duo which added to the car banter and general shenanigans.

Speaking of the car- it ended up being an Impala vs. the tiny auto that Nadine had requested which resulted in hilarity due to the large size, the V6 engine and Nadine’s sweet Dukes of Hazards-esque moves. (I got to find out that if we were to go careening into something I would just let out an “Ahhh!” vs. something more cool/helpful.)

As someone who is just walking through the wine doorway I was really happy with this jaunt because it gave me an education. It also allowed me to figure out which wines I dig more than others- not to mention I was shocked at how incredible Ontario white wines are. There were very few reds that made my taste bud tingle in any way … and here I thought that I favored reds. I also got to try a few ice wines which was super hip! I had no idea that they were that sweet.

The “coles notes” of the trip are
1-lots of wineries
2-lunch at a European/Canadian diner called “White Eagle”
3-lots of wineries
4-ice cream at Toute Sweet
5-Deep friend pickles at the Merchant Ale House then Bugsy’s

The highlights included the awesome lady at the Organized Crime winery who joked in her sarcastic outspoken way and the diner owner who was very talkative and one hell of a proud granddaddy.

Here are some photos:

These are the faces of happy wine-goers:

At Organized Crime:

This is Andrew taking “big risks” at Organized Crime:

Inside the White Eagle (note the grandkids’ photos on the wall):

At our final winery:

Toute Sweet for delicious ice cream!:

Inside our final destination: Bugsy’s- gotta love the Tiffany lamps: