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November & December 2014: Jorbs, Bavarian Adventures, I put a ring on it & Chrimbo

June 3, 2015

So the employment woes carried on throughout November.

Things were very slow moving with the Wine Rack and when I finally did start, they were giving me four 3-hour shifts at varying hours, spread across the week. This made scheduling for my seasonal position at Indigo hella hard. So I decided to be a chancer and declined the offer with Wine Rack before I even started. Although the seasonal gig at the book store was also part-time, it meant I could pick-up any shifts that people were trying to give away or trade and Indigo had a much bigger staff. I guess I thought if I was more flexible and really rocked it, that maybe I could stick around come January.

So for a while I only worked at Indigo while continuing my job hunt for something full-time and permanent. Roisin continued her own two-job shuffle, working at Villains during the week and Indigo on the weekend.

We also started solidifying plans in November to head back to Scotland in February. We’d not been back since 2013 and as 2015 was fast approaching, it felt like it was time to check-in with family and friends. That’s a bit of a weird thing in our situation… even when we’re skint, we have to magically come up with funds for the UK. Sometimes I wonder how we manage to pull it off… but it always works out somehow.

We did manage to get away briefly at the end of November with Holly and Dani. We just did a day trip to Frankenmuth, Michigan, also known as “Little Bavaria.” We wandered around, ate some delicious salt water taffy, had a “traditional” Bavarian meal and of course we stopped at Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland.

I have to admit that I didn’t remember Bronner’s being a) so bloody expensive and b) only consisting of ornaments. In my head I remembered it as the toy store in Home Alone 2. What can ya do?

Finally, in late November I had an interview with a safety training/recruitment company. They were looking for a front desk/admin person and I didn’t get the gig. But! After the owner saw the amount of design and social media experience that I had on my CV he decided to hire me part-time to handle his marketing. So I started there early December and shuffled between there and Indigo for the entire month. I think I only had a handful of days off but considering how frivolous we’d been with our ill-timed and yet amazing purchases … I think this was all for the greater good.

So December was essentially a blur of Christmas decorating, baking, shopping (everyone got books, and I mean EVERYONE), an overwhelming amount of illness (I believe caused by the germ hang-out we generally call “the mall”) and 13-15 hour days trying to wear all the hats and to afford our impending UK adventure.

I did manage to surprise Roisin though. Almost a year after our initial engagement I decided to do my own proposal.

We met at a Chan Bang run by our mutual pal (and legend) Roberta Pia. So when Roisin decided to introduce Windsorites to the wonders of jammin’ Chan Bang style, I thought it’d be super appropriate to pop the ol’ question at the event. So I got her boss and coworkers in on it and asked some pals to bring cameras and such. I made sure there was enough bubbly for the bar, then I purchased ridiculous and cheap McCain Deep Dish cakes and iced them with a bad illustration of a ring and the words “I PUT A RING ON IT.” Then I waited for her to play “Syllables”: the tune she played on the night we met which started this whole thing.

For the ridiculously embarrassing video of the whole thing – see below. Geeeezo.

And then our pal Charlie Bucket who was about to play “50 Ways to Lose Your Lover,” switched gears and serenaded us with “Dream a Little Dream” instead.

And that was the end of our 2014. All the work, all the jobs, all the books … all the proposals.


Indigo + Carlos Ruiz Zafon = *glee*

June 20, 2009

The best book I read last year hands down was Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon. So when I was cashing out at Indigo on Tuesday and noticed that he had a new book out called The Angel’s Game, I freaked out a bit and gushed on and on about him so loudly to anyone willing to listen that the woman in front of me bought a copy. Little did I know the fun wasn’t going to end there; when I reached the desk my cash fellow told me that Carlos himself was coming to the store Thursday at 7pm. *insert red face and dying of glee here*- Clearly my fangirl abilities are far beyond my own understanding.

So of course I went, books in hand with a huge smile on my face. Carlos is a really neat fellow- the best part of the entire talk was when he outright said he’d be pissed if his book was ever made into a film. (He was a screenwriter) It was nice to hear an author acknowledge that their text was made with the intention of being a book and that no film could do it justice. I dig that no amount of money will make it “worth it” for him. Kudos Mr. Ruiz Zafon *high five*.

Carlos speaking at Indigo

My signed copy of Shadow of the Wind

My signed copy of The Angel’s Game

Also in the good news pile this week was Chris Butcher’s post on his blog Comics212 announcing that TCAF is becoming an annual event. I’m so happy about this. Just when I got heavy boots (insert nod to Safran Foer here) about having to wait until 2011 to do it again- I have a mere 10 months and wee before it all happens again!


PS- I printed a bunch of my photos from Paris and a few from Puerto Plata in black and white recently in order to decorate my apartment and I posted the cream of the crop in my Photography section.

Music snob or connoisseur?

April 11, 2009

I’m used to the vast majority of my friends being really aggressive about music. If they like something and you’ve never heard of it- prepare for eye rolls or lectures. There’s always that moment in the conversation where you may say that you really dig so and so’s new album, but they were over it weeks ago. Somehow I’ve gotten so used to this type of dialogue that apparently I have come to expect it.

I’m a big fan of the big Indigo store at Bay and Bloor. They have events there, a really friendly staff- you get the idea. There’s this particularly strange fellow who works downstairs normally in the music section, who I’ve become familiar with but I haven’t really talked to him. He’s this short guy with glasses, really disheveled hair and I say “particularly strange” because he comes off as somewhat jolty/nervous. He doesn’t just have personality, he has an aura really. Think Steve Buscemi Ghost World but stir in some attractive qualities and shave off 20 years. With me?

Anyway- I tend to run in there and read before work or during my lunch break because the music is usually interesting and I love the atmosphere of the store. (Or maybe it’s just the books. Easily I could just like to be surrounded by walls and walls of books.)
On Friday they were playing this really eclectic mix of tunes- all good tunes, but a little weird. They had just finished playing Depeche Mode’s Greatest Hits so I knew that they weren’t playing a bunch of discs on random so I had to investigate after they threw a Galaxie 500 song next to Billie Holliday. Not to mention I also heard Andrew Bird and Nico in there.

Low and behold my nervous friend was at the cash and he was not going to berate me for being completely ignorant of his personal choice of musical bliss but he was more than willing to give me 10 minutes of his time to chit chat about this album.
Apparently there’s a band called Mercury Rev who sadly I’ve never heard of before, who are compared to the Flaming Lips mostly. Not to mention that the two bands share a member or so and have worked together throughout the years. How I didn’t know this… beats me. So they got together and created this compilation of tunes called “Back to Mine”. So of course I end up asking him the how much the disc was and a little more about the band- then I head off to work with a smile on my face because I feel like I’ve just been given an ‘in’ on some saucy music secret. I don’t feel like a complete lamer- I feel educated. Gooooo Indigo guy!

So now I’m sharing this album info with you:

1. New Career in a New Town – David Bowie
2. Hotel Borg – Johan Johannson
3. Seasons in the Sun – Terry Jacks
4. When Will You Come Home – Galaxie 500
5. I’m a Fool to Want You – Billie Holiday,
6. Days of Steam – John Cale
7. Opposite Day (Reprise) – Andrew Bird
8. Grand Tour [Clean Version] – George Jones
9. If I Were a Little Star – Nicolai Dunger
10. Wrap Your Troubles in My Dreams – Nico
11. Cecilia’s Lunar Exposé – Mercury Rev
12. Big City – Spacemen 3
13. Dream Baby Dream – Suicide
14. Let Me Get Close to You – Alex Chilton
15. Astral Traveling – Pharoah Sanders
16. Cast Anchor – Hanne Hukkelberg,
17. Uncle Bob’s Midnight Blues – Randy Newman
18. When You Wish Upon a Star – Cliff “Ukelele Ike” Edwards

When I got to my desk I immediately started fishing around for more info and not only is this whole “Back to Mine” disc a simple CD that Mercury Rev played around with- but Back to Mine is a SERIES of mix albums normally prepared by renowned DJs and there’s 28 volumes that came out in the last 10 years. Kinda neat no?

I’m not sure about all the other albums or how good they are but I feel pretty content to have had this little discovery. On the brief chance that someone else was in the dark about this, hopefully I made the music-loving portion of your heart ping too.