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Eurotrip 2012- Innsbruck Part 2

March 24, 2013

We were lucky again to have spectacular weather. We thought we’d take it easy just walk into the Old Town again and just give ourselves some time to look around and really take things in.

We got ourselves into a routine of walking through Waltherpark on the way to and from Old Town. There were always interesting people there- either practicing T’ai Chi or other martial arts- there was also at the very edge by Innsbrucke a huge skate ramp set up and people were fixing bikes all day long. Apparently Innsbruck is quite well known for “extreme” sports so it was no surprise really to see a lot of skateboarders and such around town.

We found a wee restaurant that wasn’t too dear to have lunch- we both got these toasted sandwich things which were so delicious. Kinda high class grilled cheese. I went for the assorted which had about four different toppings on each sandwich. This is also where I discovered that I bloody loved pineapple mixed with ham and cheese- and thus I deduced that I must enjoy Hawaiian pizza… which I always thought must be pretty disgusting. Who knew?!

We looked at the Hofkirche, the Triumphal Arch and also went into the Innsbruck Cathedral which was easily one of the most stunning churches we went into during our travels.

We went back to the Golden Roof, bought a couple things from a few of the market vendors by the waterfront and enjoyed a wee walk through these misting water things in a tent by an outdoor fabricated beach area.

We really liked Innsbruck it’s not one of those cities that kinda beams down on you constantly reminding you “you’re on holiday- you are a foreigner- this isn’t home”. You can just walk the streets and enjoy yourself and not feel at odds.

We just took it easy that night- I was starting to come down with some kind of cough/cold scenario so I wasn’t up for staying up too late. So we went back with some tasty treats and watched more of the Olympics and packed for our journey the next day.

We had to check out of the hostel quite a bit of time prior to the bus pick up time so I had a chance to run back to the Old Town once more to acquire breakfast/lunch for Roisin and I from a wee shop and then we sat in the sunshine until the bus rolled up to take us to our first stop in Italy- Venice.