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Eurotrip 2012- Neuschwanstein Castle Take 2

April 17, 2013


We have arrived to my final Europost! (Before of course I give you two more rambles about our trip to finish out the week- but for that tune in tomorrow heh.)

We left Lauterbrunnen and our cozy chalet that next morning to head all the way to Munich. This meant that we had one more shot at seeing the lovely Neuschwanstein Castle. And this time we were successful!!

Now I say successful- but what I really mean is that I was super pumped and ready to rock that hill to take some beautiful photos and Roisin was ready to be a total dick.

Honest. Hoooooonnnnnestly, I could have killed her and left her body in the woods. I could have. No one. NO ONE moans as much as she does when physical activity is involved. And she moans and whinges like a Scottish lassie whinges . With anger. She again was thrust into the whole “no one is suffering like I am suffering” escapade where she almost missed out on the whole thing entirely. About three times she just wanted to stay where she was and wait for me. What. A. Wanker. The love of a my life. But a wanker. She’s reading this right now and likely raging. But she knows she pushed me. The walk down of course was effortless and completely fine.

I think the walk up was worth it. The castle is lovely and I was so happy that I got a second chance to see it. Roisin is still alive. For now.

Then we hopped back onto the bus and made our way to Munich. Our staple, Hotel Mons Am Goetheplatz was full so we ended up staying in a hotel that in fairness was much closer to the pick up point. Munich felt like our home away from home though – this being our third time there over the few months of travel. We wandered a little bit that evening and got some noodle boxes from the train station then used the wifi in the hotel bar to catch up on the world.

The next morning we were going to start the longest fucking journey ever. And it was going to be just as awful as we thought it would be. The next time we were going to sleep would be in Edinburgh.

We got on the bus at 8am and drove from Munich to Paris. Then in Paris we walked all along the Champs Elysees to the Megabus stop to take the bus through France to hop on the ferry to head to Dover. This part was slightly tricky as I didn’t remember to print my plane tickets so I was a Canadian trying to enter the UK with nothing indicating I had intentions on leaving… luckily the border guard trusted that I was being honest that I was flying back to Canada in a week so we wiped the poo out of our pants and sallied forth.

Once we made it to Dover we continued on our route to London where we switched buses for one heading to Edinburgh. I believe our trek in the end was 26 hours long. TWENTY. SIX. HOURS. on buses – no sleep. I honestly don’t think either one of us got much more than a few hours of shut eye.

Then Roisin’s dad picked us up from the bus station and we were on our way to her family home to die/ recoup.

Thank you for joining me as I tell the tales of our wee excursion. I have had chats with so many lovely new faces over the last… well… almost year as I recount this journey. Please stick around, I always blog regularly and I’ll likely have some more adventures soon.

Tomorrow I’ll be posting the best of- from my Instagram photos from the trip.



Eurotrip 2012- Neuschwanstein Castle attempt 1

March 22, 2013

On the way to Innsbruck the Busabout tour stops at the famous and incredible Neuschwanstein Castle famous for it’s history and the fact that Disney’s Sleeping Beauty Castle was inspired by it.

The palace was commissioned by Ludwig II of Bavaria who is known as the “Mad King” or “Swan King”… he’s got a truly interesting story. I recommend havin’ a wee google.

Sadly our 2 hour stop to admire the castle was entirely ruined/thwarted/impossible due to an absolutely torrential downpour. All we did was purchase wee raincoats for them to fail at keeping our trousers from being sopping wet and water to drizzle in from the head hole. Our trip to the top of the hill to see the castle just wasn’t going to happen. So we took shelter to wait things out. Grabbed a quick bratwurst lunch then went right back to the bus.

We luckily had another opportunity to see it later in the trip. Just a shame that this afternoon was entirely a miss.


Eurotrip 2012- Stuttgart

February 28, 2013

Stuttgart played host to what is likely the most ridiculous argument in Kayla and Roisin history.

We were staying at the lovely Hotel Espenlaub (yet another of the Busabout official hostels) we’d got into town quite early and we were knackered so we decided to have a nap. This kinda became our theme- check in- sleep. And of course, we weren’t feeling too well either so it all made sense to sleep it off. This was made a bit tricky by the fact that Stuttgart was BOILING. It was SO hot. It was the most hot of all the things. Ok… likely not that bad but as we’d had comfy temperatures up to that point- the heat experienced in Stuttgart was far from comfortable.

So what happened was we essentially fell into a coma- not so much sleep. And when we awoke we were a) supper irritable due to the heat, b) holy moly the most hungry ever and c) annoyed that the wifi did not really work or extend to our floor. (And did I mention we weren’t feeling well?)

This lead to us arguing and basically Roisin shouting at me to go downstairs and that she’d meet me. We were going to try and find a map online (as the hostel didn’t provide one) so we could find a place to do laundry- as we had zero pants left.

What I didn’t expect was a huffy Roisin to appear in the breakfast room and try and offer me a Snickers bar as a peace offering knowing how hungry I was. (We really did snack on Snickers because that whole “Hungry? Grab a Snickers.” Tag line isn’t a joke.) But knowing how bloody hot it was in that room I said: “I don’t want that it’s fucking melted.” To which she shouted at me and threw the chocolate bar down onto a table crashing silverware around to tell me how not melted it really was.

I promise you, we did make up and later found it quite amusing but at the time I was livid and the receptionist was scared… she came in to check on us and make sure I was okay…
It wasn’t until weeks later that Roisin told me that what had actually upset her was the insinuation that she couldn’t take care of a chocolate bar… (She is a keeper, and she is all mine.)

Ahhhh travel.

So we finally sorted everything out and decided to go for a wee walk to Koenigstrasse or King St. which is a massive shopping complex to find the needle in the haystack that was our laundromat- after of course finding some food… which was also a very chilled out experience… *cough*.

So we argued through laundry and argued the whole way back to the hotel because it was hot and we were dragging massive bags of clothes with us… etc… etc… but we finally got in and went for a wee shop for tasty things to eat at Lidl. That night we watched a ton of Roseanne as we were almost finished the entire series and went to bed having finally sorted out that our windows had a shutter and that’s why they had stringy weird drapes- not because the staff were daft.
(Not that we ever thought that…)

Luckily Stuttgart isn’t a massive city so the fact that we missed out on that one day to do laundry and just have a bit of a tangle wasn’t a big deal- we had a full sunny beautiful day to enjoy. Just don’t ever accuse a Scot of melting chocolate.

Roisin really needed to acquire some shorts as we were going to be heading to Italy soon and Stuttgart was extra melty so we decided to head back to King St and investigate some of the shops. We just took a leisurely walk to get there checking out buildings and wee areas.

We checked out the beautiful Schillerplatz and ended up heading through an indoor market near there which sadly was about to close. We checked out Karlsplatz and it’s sculptures and succeeded in finding some shorts for Roisin.

The most fun we had though was in Schlossplatz we got to do something that’s generally strictly forbidden and thought of as super unhygienic but we played in the fountains. We sat with loads of strangers and families and stuck our feet in these lovely cold fountains for hours and people watched and chatted and had the loveliest time. It was nice to just sit with locals and watch the world go by. Such a good afternoon. I remember leaving there very reluctantly but hunger took over.

We found this wee Chinese place on the walk home that actually served take away in those wee tiny white boxes like you see on tv- so the novelty was too much and we decided to have them for tea. The food was really good too so a win all around.

Germany is easily where we felt the most at home and chilled out. We just seamlessly found ourselves weaving into the fabric of the city whereas other places we felt like we stuck out as tourists regardless of the fact that we were definitely not dangling Nikons from our necks.

I have a huge soft spot for this country and Stuttgart even through our grumpies didn’t let us down either.

Next stop- Paris… AGAIN!