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Eurotrip 2012- Nice Part 2

April 15, 2013

I’m not really sure why I made this a second post for Nice. That’s September Kayla. September Kayla was surely keen on stretching this bitch out.

So um… well… here’s a few more photos from our second day in Nice. Of all the things I previously discussed.

On this day we did find this amazing little shop that we bought our pal Hannah some earrings in. It was part cafe, part book store, and then it sold loads of crafty things from local artists. I loved it. It was the best shop ever. So we lingered there and drank all the coffee. And no, I have no photos of that place. I’ll have to search through my Instagram mess to find some. Insta-mess…

We did truly enjoy Nice though. The old town was perfect.

Next up is Italy again- Milan. Two more posts to go!



Eurotrip 2012- Nice Part 1

April 14, 2013

Back to France! Back to France!

This had to be one of the most beautiful parts of the bus journey. We went all along the coast- got a really good look at Monaco and other swanky places on our way to Nice.

Kinda like Vegas this whole area feels a little excessive it just appears and then you’re driving by houses of the rich and famous and fancy pants cars pass you every few minutes. It’s quite strange. I wouldn’t mind heading back here though to check out some of the islands and such.

We didn’t have the best stay at all in our hotel. You can read my review here. Ahhh screw it- here’s the review:
“The area isn’t the best as it’s right by the train station- but that’s somewhat a given as you get all sorts near public transportation- but our windows opened up right onto the tracks so it was always quite loud as the trains rattled by. First of all the hotel was tricky to find as there’s no signage out front, there’s nothing to indicate which floor the hotel is on- and once we made our way inside the building we had to wait an hour after ringing the bell for anyone to come to the door- to be asked why we hadn’t rang the bell (when we had as well as phoned two separate numbers for assistance). When I got the chance to use the wifi I noticed an email sent from the hotel 2 days earlier confirming my stay and asking us to confirm our check in time- with directions and codes to get into the building- but this wasn’t helpful as we hadn’t had wifi access in our previous hotel and I’d booked way back in May … This email seemed a bit delayed. Once we got into the room we noticed the two twin beds pushed together had entirely different mattresses, the towels provided were stained and of course the noise from the tracks. You had to kind of make a choice between roasting in the heat or shutting out the noise. My booking confirmation mentioned laundry facilities and breakfast but neither were offered to us- to be fair the woman had let us in in her dressing gown so I felt as if we’d caught her at a bad time… The shared toilet wasn’t the cleanest room and we ran out of paper once during our stay. The sink also does not work in the room so you have to hope no one is in the shower so you can wash your hands. The shower itself floods and the shower head isn’t fastened to the wall. At check out we wanted to complain but it’s hard to communicate with this woman who had literally disappeared for most of our stay until it came time for payment- she seemed to struggle in both French and English a bit which I found odd…”

To add to that- she asked at one point what we thought of Nice and we said we’d been enjoying it to which she responded “c’est fatiguant” which for anyone who doesn’t speak French – means wearying, irritating, boring, tiresome. I guess honesty should be appreciated but for fuck sake she’s in the travel industry. Cheer up toots.

She also tried to overcharge me by a couple dollars so I pulled out my confirmation and set that straight. Do not stay there. Good lord.

Moving along- Nice is lovely. I really, really like France in general. People were generally quite friendly and helpful. We did our laundry on our first night and got some Chinese food before heading back to our room.

The next day we explored. We were really lucky the whole time we were there it was very warm- but not Italy warm and we had constant sunshine. Notre Dame de Nice was right by our hotel so we checked him out. The way they light him up at night is really pretty.

We walked down to Place Masséna. I love the Jaume Plense statues there. We admired the Fontaine de la Soleil, checked out the Jardin Albert 1er, as well as the Promenade des Anglais. The water is so blue in Nice. It is so lovely. We pondered going for a swim but we never did end up in the water.

Then we started to make our way to Vieux Nice. Easily one of my favourite spots that we traveled to. Old Nice is AMAZING. So, so, awesome. We walked through Cours Saleya on the way and admired all the strange trickets that people were selling. Every time we went through that area the market was entirely different. This time it was antiques and odd knick knacks. I saw so many old posters, signs, typewriters, glasses, etc that I would have LOVED to own- but the thought of carrying any of that stuff around in a backpack deterred me.

We checked out Nice Cathedral as well as Chapelle de la Misericorde. We ate gelato, we peeked at loads of wee shops and made the decision that we’d pretty much spend all the of the following day wandering through the Old Town again.


Eurotrip 2012- Paris (again)

March 12, 2013

Paris! What I like to call the most reliable city to visit… ever.

Who goes to Paris and comes back saying “It was shitty and awful. All of the horrible”? No one. No one says that. Rain or shine, it is the best place to go if you want to be guaranteed to enjoy yourself. *Insert someone who had a shitty time there here.*

As Roisin and I had both had our own extensive visits to the city and we’d also started our Busabout tour from there we decided to take it easy. We somewhat ended up integrating some of our favourite parts from our individual trips into one day.

The journey from Stuttgart to Paris is the longest stretch that one can make during the Busabout trips. It’s also the most empty- there’s normally about 6-12 people on that bus which makes it kinda amazing. (At least while we were journeying.) You take off around 11ish in the morning and then you don’t arrive to Paris until 9pm or so considering traffic. So we just chilled out, slept- the usual.

We made decent time and the only problem that arose was getting to our hotel: Hotel Les Chansonniers. We did that whole getting off the tube then walking in the wrong direction thing- and after a couple blocks of back and forth with our massive bags we weren’t exactly chipper.

The hotel was kinda neat- old and tiny as all things are in Europe but it did the job. That night we just got settled and went down to the wee bar area and had a pint while watching the Olympics. It was the first time that we got to watch any of it and luckily it was the gymnastics. Eee!

The next day it was sunny- hooray! So we set off to Pere Lachaise Cemetery. Roisin hadn’t been before which I found shocking so we went for a wander. We hit all the typical spots- Oscar Wilde, Edith Piaf … but then we discovered the very interesting grave of Victor Noir– it’s apparently a fertility symbol. You can find so many interesting things when you have a wee saunter.

Then we went to Montmartre where we frolicked in certain types of establishment and I took Roisin to the I Love You Wall. We had strong coffee and smoked a couple cigarettes while people watching and chatting at a sidewalk cafe.

Then we pretty much walked across the whole bloody city… we went down from Montmartre just taking things in- over to Palais Garnier– he’s one of my favourites. Went over to peek at Notre Dame- I tried to take her to the Memorial de la Deportation but sadly it was closed. Went to put a lock on the Pont des Arts but then realized we’d forgotten it so a photo did the trick.

Then Roisin took me to Polidor for delicious food. At this point I think we were both starving. (There may have been some arguing at some point and a desperate trip to a Subway Sandwich Shop trying to acquire some form of snack for cheap. Crepes around Notre Dame are highway robbery!) I had beef bourguignon nom nom. It’s the type of place where you sit on these long benches next to other people and we ended up next to this group of two couples from Holland who were cycling around Europe. They were really lovely and we had a bit of a chat. Coincidence land- the very next day on our way to Switzerland we stopped at a service station and ran into them again. The world is tiny. Tiny, tiny, tiny.

Anyhoo- Then we wandered for a bit down St. Germain des Pres before I acquired a delicious cookie from some shop and we made our way back to the hotel.

Shame we didn’t have another day to spend in Paris. But I’m positive I’ll always return. It’s just too good. It’s Paris!