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Halloweeeeeeeeeeeeen! Silver Snail Partay + Skullfest + Halloween Bacchanalia

November 7, 2009

Hi there,

So Halloween has come and gone and I’m full of posts to post again. We will start here with these shenanigans. Truth be told I think my costume rubbed off on me a bit and I got a little emo and sleepy and whatnot. So I wasn’t exactly in party mode. Sad state I know- I promise to make it up later in life.

I dressed as an emo/hipster mime. I know cop out. But I added the whole “well now that I’ve talked to you- I’m also an oxymoron” portion. I think maybe that helped…

I met up with Andrew Wheeler at his place where him and Eric Kim were getting ready.

Andrew went as Ancient Roman Polanski = AMAZING!!!

Eric… well he’s not in costume yet- He just drew on his beard

We went and picked up Jim and Stacy to head over to the Silver Snail party.
Jim was dressed up as the Keymaster from the Ghostbuster and Stacy as the Gatekeeper

At the Silver Snail bash

Eric in full costume as Randy Macho Man Savage

From The Tick Arthur with Jim

Someone I know probably knows this broad and I shouldn’t post this… but um… we were AMAZED at, well… her costume is … really up there no?

Next up was Skullfest which was organized by Andy B and Steve Manale and it was AMAZING!

Kalman as Donald Draper

Manale, Diana, Alex, Rob etc went as Alpha Flight. eeee! So awesome!

Next up was Christopher Butcher and Andrew’s Halloween Bacchanalia. Tasty cheese and personalized cookies à la Stacy om nom nom
I know the photos are kind of dark but Shoshana killed me with her Garden of Eden costume with Barbie Adam and Eve and her sock pucket hand with the snake.. it was my fave of the night I think

Chris in his garb

Chris and Jim

Hard to see again but Brooke and Mitch went as Florida and Idaho (Simpsons goodies)




There ain’t no party like a Chris Stone party

October 25, 2009

Chris Stone turned 35 last weekend which meant it was time to party.

The venue: The Gladstone.
The purpose: Karaoke.

Our host for the evening

I started with my karaoke staple “Bring Me To Life”- Evanescence

Manale, Diana with some Andy B and Alex in teh back.

Andy B + Alex

Here is where we take what I’m gonna call an Arthur and Kayla “emo break” ;)

I was moved to take a photo with this karaoke singer while she belted it on stage

Le Arthur– my right hand man

Birthday boy + Diana

Not really sure what’s happening here haha

He makes birthdays look HAWT

Diana is also HAWT

Alex is … sad?

No one can rock “Lion Sleeps Tonight” like Manale can. NO. ONE.

Arthur is going to sell cameras with his face like this:

Diana works the floor.

Chris is a crooner

Manale – Chris

A Chris sandwich

Me + birthday boy

Little boob spillage no worries

Good times? yes yes – that’s Marsha she’s awesome

I can also work the floor

Manale and Marsha

Emo Steve

Darwyn who had a gallery show that evening at the Gladstone with Manale

This is my getting home at 6am face

There we have it.
Almost feel like you were there I’m sure ;)