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Scotland Adventure Day 5- St. Magnus Cathedral, Bishop’s and Earl’s Palace, Kirkwall, Falls of Shin, Inverness

September 13, 2011

This day we spent driving from Orkney to Inverness- taking a different route to head back.

This is outside of Orcades Hostel.

We went for a walk in the morning through Kirkwall.

This is St. Magnus Cathedral– so lovely! Really, really impressive. This sucker’s construction began in 1137.

Now that’s a ceiling!

Isn’t this the best sculpture memorial/tomb you’ve ever seen?! This is for explorer John Rae.

Cute little cafe in a gift shop.

There I acquired this beetroot carrot cake- and yes, you heard right. Beetroot. It was delicious!

This is Watergate- built in 1877 and then moved later to this site.

This is the Bishop’s and Earl’s Palace– it began construction in 1607.

Rainy Kirkwall :D

Inside Orcades Hostel- easily one of my favorites from the trip so far-

They had loads of boardgames! It’s in here the night before that all 17 of us had a massive pasta / garlic bread fiesta together. FANTASTIC.

This is the Italian Chapel built by Italian prisoners of war during World War II. It’s made of concrete. Impressive.

Here’s a map of our travels in Orkney :D

Annnd some lovely things on the way to Inverness. I’m gonna live there ;) – we also went through a place called ‘Tongue’.

Here we are at the Falls of Shin where we stopped to see the salmon heading up the falls.

Action shot!

Afterwards we made really good use of this obstacle course jungle gym taking turns and timing each person’s attempt.

This is Carbisdale Castle where we would have spent the night had there not been structural issues.

Scotland is the prettiest.

Our tour guide Jill with the boys-
Adrian, Ben, Mark, Greg, Koh Youngjie, Mike

I love this unicorn statue in Inverness. It makes me happy.