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Tegan and Sara, Chatham, Capitol Theatre, July 17

February 11, 2014

Very much like a teenager, when I discovered that Tegan and Sara were making a stop in Chatham (yes, Chatham) on their summer tour, I ended up pressing refresh over and over once tickets went on sale. I had my eye on the V.I.P. Meet & Greet tickets, but not so much to say hello — I do think I’ve grown out of that whole malarkey, but in order to give ’em a heads up about the comic that I’ve been toiling away at for over a year now.

I did get the fancypants tickets and everything kind of fell into place to allow Roisin and I to double-up a visit with my parents and the concert. But my somewhat impulsive buy wasn’t necessarily the best thought out excursion as I live about 12 hours away from Chatham. Semantics.

The Meet & Greet was kind of awkward, the line-up was filled with boasts and tears but I think the whole giving of the comic proposal scenario went well enough — no one’s sent and email to ask me to knock it off which lifted some weight off my shoulders. In a perfect world I’ll hopefully be able to post a bit more about the comic before the end of this year.

The setlist:

Drove Me Wild
Goodbye, Goodbye
I’m Not Your Hero
Back In Your Head
The Con
Walking With a Ghost
Hop A Plane
I Couldn’t Be Your Friend
I Was A Fool
Now I’m All Messed Up
Where Does The Good Go
Shock To Your System
How Come You Don’t Want Me
Feel It In My Bones

Call It Off
Living Room