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What I read in 2010

January 18, 2011

This is kinda depressing considering what I did last year.

1- Zafon, Carlos Ruiz- Angel’s Game, The (December 2009- February 2010)*
2- Roche, Charlotte- Wetlands (March 2010)
3- Shaffer, Mary Ann and Annie Barrows- Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society, The (July 2010)*
4- Loe, Erland- Naïve. Super (July 2010)*
5- Hornby, Nick- About A Boy (August 2010)*
6- Thackery, William M.- Vanity Fair (August 2010- now)*

7-1 Cadwell, Adam- Everyday Collection One, The (January 2010)*
8-2 Cadwell, Adam- Everyday Collection Two, The (January 2010)*
9-3 Cadwell, Adam- Everyday Collection Three, The (January 2010)*
10-4 Cadwell, Adam- Glastonbury- A Postcard Book (January 2010)*
11-5 Spence, Phil- Adventures of Ninja Bunny, The (January 2010)
12-6 O’Connell, David- Man & Troll- An Unconventional Fable (January 2010)*
13-7 Sheret, Matthew- Polaroid Press, The (January 2010)
14-8 Ellerby, Marc- Ellerbisms Volume One (January 2010)*
15-9 Ellerby, Marc- Ellberbisms Volume Two (January 2010)*
16-10 Ellerby, Marc- Ellberbisms Volume Three (January 2010)*
17-11 Ellerby, Marc- Sad Girls For Life- Odds and Ends From Marc Ellerby (February 2010)
18-12 Ellerby, Marc- Chloe Noonan- Monster Hunter (February 2010)*
19-13 Hardiman, Howard- Polaroids from Other Lives: Volume 1 (February 2010)*
20-14 Hardiman, Howard- Polaroids from Other Lives: Volume 2 (February 2010)*
21-15 Lunney, Lizz- Magic Biro Comic! (February 2010)*
22-16 Smith, Scott- Up A Blind Alley Part One: ‘When Did I Get So Boring?’ (February 2010)
23-17 Gillen, Kieron and Jamie McKelvie- Phonogram: Rue Britannia (February 2010)
24-18 Lunney, Lizz- I love dinosaurs, and they love me. (February 2010)*
25-19 Groom, Tom (Editor)- Big Cats: issue 01 (March 2010)*
26-20 Wood, Brian and Becky Cloonan- Demo #1 “The Waking Life of Angels” (March 2010)
27-21 Yazawa, Ai- Nana Volume 20 (April 2010)*
28-22 Powell, Nate- Please Release (May 2010)*
29-23 Powell, Nate and Rachel Bormann- Cakewalk (May 2010)*
30-24 Powell, Nate- Bets Are Off (May 2010)*
31-25 Powell, Nate- Sounds of Your Name (May 2010)*
32-26 Powell, Nate- Swallow Me Whole (May 2010)*
33-27 Beaton, Kate- Never Learn Anything From History (May 2010)*
34-28 Hicks, Faith Erin- The War at Ellsmere (May 2010)*
35-29 Hicks, Faith Erin- Zombies Calling (May 2010)*
36-30 Hernandez, Gilbert- Heartbreak Soup- A Love and Rockets Book (June 2010)*
37-31 Dela Cruz, Arthur- Throes- You never will love me at all… (June 2010)*
38-32 Hernandez, Gilbert- Human Diastrophism- A Love and Rockets Book (June 2010)*
39-33 Longstreth, Alec, Frunch & GCB- The Dvorak Zine (June 2010)*
40-34 Longstreth, Alex- Phase 7 #001- #004 (June 2010)*
41-35 Longstreth, Alex- Phase 7 #005 (June 2010)*
42-36 Longstreth, Alex- Phase 7 #006 (June 2010)*
43-37 Longstreth, Alex- Phase 7 #010- #011 (June 2010)*
44-38 Longstreth, Alex- Phase 7 #012 (June 2010)*
45-39 Longstreth, Alex- Phase 7 #013 (June 2010)*
46-40 Longstreth, Alex- Phase 7 #014 (June 2010)*
47-41 O’Malley, Bryan Lee- Scott Pilgrim’s Precious Little Life (August 2010)*
48-42 O’Malley, Bryan Lee- Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World (August 2010)*
49-43 O’Malley, Bryan Lee- Scott Pilgrim & The Infinite Sadness (August 2010)*
50-44 O’Malley, Bryan Lee- Scott Pilgrim Gets It Together (August 2010)*
51-46 O’Malley, Bryan Lee- Scott Pilgrim Vs. The Universe (August 2010)*
52-47 O’Malley, Bryan Lee- Scott Pilgrim’s Finest Hour (August 2010)*

Mannnn need to read way way way more this year.



What I read in 2009

January 4, 2010

I tried to read a book a week last year. I almost made it- very, very close.
Here’s what I accomplished, comics as well:

1- Meyer, Stephenie- Twilight (January 2009)*
2- Meyer, Stephenie- New Moon (January 2009)*
3- Meyer, Stephenie- Eclipse (January 2009)*
4- Meyer, Stephenie- Breaking Dawn (January 2009)*
5- Behr, Mark- Smell of Apples, The (January 2009)*
6- Spyri, Johanna- Heidi (January 2009)*
7- Rowling, J.K.- Tales of Beedle the Bard (January 2009)*
8- Stevenson, Robert Louis- Kidnapped (February 2009)*
9- Brashares, Ann- 3 Willows (February 2009)*
10- Burnett, Frances Hodgson- Secret Garden, The (February 2009)*
11- Ali, Ayaan Hirsi- Infidel (February 2009)*
12- Stevenson, Robert Louis- Treasure Island (February 2009)*
13- Crosley, Sloane- I Was Told There’d Be Cake (March 2009)*
14- See, Lisa- Snow Flower and the Secret Fan (March 2009)*
15- Wiggin, Kate Douglas- Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm (March 2009)*
16- Westerfeld, Scott- Pretties (March 2009)*
17- Sewell, Anna- Black Beauty (March 2009)*
18- Westerfeld, Scott- Specials (April 2009)*
19- Grahame, Kenneth- Wind in the Willows (April 2009)*
20- Boyd, Pattie- Wonderful Tonight-George Harrison, Eric Clapton and Me (April 2009)*
21- Wyss, Johann Rudolf- Swiss Family Robinson, The (April 2009)*
22- Tamblyn, Amber- Free Stallion (reread– April 2009)*
23- Dubus III, Andre- House of Sand and Fog (April 2009)*
24- Baum, Frank- Wizard of Oz, The (May 2009)*
25- Hardwicke, Catherine- Twilight:Director’s Notebook: The Story of How We Made the Movie Based on the Novel by Stephenie Meyer (May 2009)*
26- Bronte, Emily- Wuthering Heights (May 2009)*
27- Foer, Jonathan Safran- Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close (May 2009)*
28- McLaren, Leah- Continuity Girl, The (May-June 2009)*
29- Flaubert, Gustave- Madame Bovary (June 2009)*
30- Garden, Joe, Janet Ginsburg, Chris Pauls, Anita Serwacki and Scott Sherman- Devious Book for Cats, The (June 2009)*
31- Lawrence, D.H.- Lady Chatterley’s Lover (June 2009)*
32- Updike, John- Terrorist (June 2009)*
33- Hawthorne, Nathaniel- Scarlet Letter, The (July 2009)*
34- Young, Wm. Paul- Shack, The (July 2009)
35- Gilbert, Henry- Robin Hood (July 2009)*
36- Levitan, Jerry- I Met The Walrus (July 2009)*
37- Lang, Andrew- Tales of Troy and Greece (July 2009)*
38- Hornby, Nick- Slam (July 2009)*
39- Dostoyevsky, Fyodor- Crime and Punishment (July- August 2009)*
40- Masters, Tom, Steve Fallon and Vesna Maric- London City Guide (July- August 2009)*
41- Schlink, Bernhard- The Reader (August 2009)*
42- Williams, Roger- Top 10 London-Eyewitness Top Ten Travel Guides (September 2009)*
43- Schreuders, Piet- The Beatles’ London: A Guide to 467 Beatles Sites in and Around London (September 2009)*
44- Murakami, Haruki- South of the Border, West of the Sun (October 2009)*
45- Lang, Andrew- Tales from King Arthur (August-October 2009)*
46- Swarup, Vikas- Slumdog Millionaire (October 2009)*
47- Diamant, Anita- Last Days of Dogtown (September-November 2009)*
48- Ozick, Cynthia- Puttermesser Papers, The (November-December 2009)*
49- Abel, Jessica- Drawing Words and Writing Pictures: Making Comics: Manga, Graphic Novels, and Beyond (February- ?)*
50- Zafon, Carlos Ruiz- Angel’s Game, The (December- ?)*

51-1 Yazawa, Ai- Nana Volume 14 (February 2009)*
52-2 Wood, Brian- DMZ #5- Hidden War, The (February 2009)*
53-3 O’Malley, Bryan Lee- Scott Pilgrim’s Precious Little Life (reread Feb 2009)*
54-4 O’Malley, Bryan Lee- Annotated Pilgrim, The (February 2009)*
55-5 O’Malley, Bryan Lee- Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World (reread Feb 2009)*
56-6 O’Malley, Bryan Lee- Scott Pilgrim & The Infinite Sadness (reread Feb 2009)*
57-7 O’Malley, Bryan Lee- Scott Pilgrim Gets It Together (reread Feb 2009)*
58-8 O’Malley, Bryan Lee- Scott Pilgrim Vs. The Universe (February 2009)*
59-9 Urasawa, Naoki- Monster Volume 5 (May 2009)*
60-10 Prince, Liz- Delayed Replays (May 2009)*
61-11 Brown, Jeffrey- Sulk Volume 1 (May 2009)*
62-12 Yazawa, Ai- Nana Volume 15 (May 2009)*
63-13 Yazawa, Ai- Nana Volume 16 (May 2009)*
64-14 Thompson, Craig- Good-bye, Chunky Rice (May 2009)*
65-15 Thompson, Craig- Carnet de Voyage (May 2009)*
66-16 Davidge Cousins- Wandering Stars #1 (May 2009)*
67-17 Davidge Cousins- Wandering Stars #2 (May 2009)*
68-18 Cold Heat Comics- Chocolate Sun (May 2009)*
69-19 Humberstone, Tom- Art School Scum (reread May 2009)*
70-20 Humberstone, Tom- How to Date a Girl in 10 Days (or so) 01 (reread May 2009)*
71-21 Humberstone, Tom- How to Date a Girl in 10 Days (or so) 02 (reread May 2009)*
72-22 Campbell, John- Man Who Used to Know Everything, The (May 2009)*
73-23 Campbell, John- Stevie Might Be a Bear Maybe (May 2009)*
74-24 Campbell, John- Vegas Dump (May 2009)*
75-25 Campbell, John- We All Gonna Die (May 2009)*
76-26 Becan, Sarah based on a story by David Becan- Shuteye#1-Vea (June 2009)*
77-27 Becan, Sarah based on a story by David Becan- Shuteye#2-Liar (June 2009)*
78-28 Becan, Sarah- Shuteye#3-Night and Day (June 2009)*
79-29 Becan, Sarah- Shuteye#4-Carrefour (June 2009)*
80-30 Costain, Aaron- Calamity Coach (June 2009)*
81-31 Costain, Aaron- Entropy no.2: the SHAME that made a MAN out of MAC/ automatism 1 (June 2009)*
82-32 Costain, Aaron- Entropy no.3: Catnap (June 2009)*
83-33 Costain, Aaron- Entropy no.4: Good Neighbours (June 2009)*
84-34 Costain, Aaron- Entropy part 1 (June 2009)*
85-35 Costain, Aaron- Entropy part 2 (June 2009)*
86-36 Costain, Aaron- Entropy part 3 (June 2009)*
87-37 Team Society League: Costain, Martz and Worton- Too many Monsters- a cornucopian of rendered narrative delights (June 2009)*
88-38 Yazawa, Ai- Nana Volume 17 (September 2009)*
89-39 Yazawa, Ai- Nana Volume 18 (September 2009)*
90-40 Brown, Jeffrey- Funny Misshapen Body (September 2009)*
91-41 Humberstone, Tom- How to Date a Girl in 10 Days (reread September 2009)*
92-42 Humberstone, Tom- Everything You Never Wanted to Know About Crohns Disease (reread September 2009)*
93-43 Humberstone, Tom and Dan Hancox – My Fellow Americans (reread September 2009)*
94-44 Yazawa, Ai- Nana Volume 19 (November 2009)*
95-45 Scheele, Julia and Matthew Sheret- We Are Words + Pictures: The Covers’ E.P. (November 2009)*
96-46 Scheele, Julia- Powered by Robots (November 2009)*
97-47 Scheele, Julia, Sarah Gordon and Matthew Sheret- We Are Words + Pictures: The Robot Zine (November 2009)*
98-48 Dela Cruz, Arthur- Kissing Chaos Volume 1 (December 2009)*
99-49 Dela Cruz, Arthur- Kissing Chaos Volume 2- Nonstop Beauty (December 2009)*
100-50 Woollcott, Tory- Flesh (December 2009)*
101-51 Orchard, Eric- Harry + Silvio Fish For Garbage (December 2009)*
102-52 Orchard, Eric- Harry + Silvio and The Girl in the Purple Boat (December 2009)*
103-53 Orchard, Eric- Harry + Silvio The Cloud Map (December 2009)*
104-54 Worton, Zach- Conversation- comics/sketchbook end of ’08 beginning ’09 (December 2009)*
105-55 Worton, Zach- Mandolin Part 1, The (December 2009)*
106-56 Martz, John- Warm-Up Drawings: The First 100 (December 2009)*
107-57 Martz, John- “It’s Snowing Outside. We Should Go For A Walk.” (December 2009)*
108-58 Martz, John- Transit Tokens (December 2009)*
109-59 Kieffer, Jason- Twenty Reasons Why You Should Eat Magic Mushrooms (December 2009)*
110-60 Kieffer, Jason- Number One (December 2009)*
111-61 Kieffer, Jason- Number Two (December 2009)*
112-62 Forsythe, Matthew- Ojingogo (December 2009)*
113-63 Weiser, Joey- Ride Home, The (December 2009)*
114-64 Turner, Jason and Manien Botma- True Loves (December 2009)*
115-65 Turner, Jason and Manien Botma- True Loves 2 (December 2009)*

*-indicates I own the book


Stay away from The Shack … *cringe*

July 12, 2009

I love my mother, she’s a great lady. Some people aren’t overly keen on their parents, but I really dig mine.
But sometimes I have to wonder: how well do we really know one another?

My mum had recently read this “bestseller” book called The Shack and she assumed that since I had majored in philosophy, that I’d really like it.

I had read the back and I wasn’t really dying to read it but it sounded interesting enough. A kid gets killed by a serial killer and her father receives a note three years later to visit the shack where the most evidence related to her death was found- apparently the note is from God. So the whole story is about this man’s conversation with God that he has while visiting the shack.

Not really my thing, but I’m willing to give anything a shot. My mother works for the Catholic Church so I know she can get kind of religious on me at times, which is fine- I don’t mind learning about religion, culture and belief systems… but this book… I’m just at a loss for words.

I had too many problems with this sucker to really list them all but I’ll try to give you the meat and potatoes so hopefully even if your own mother tries to get you to read this, you’ll have the right answer. (WARNING: 1 million spoilers to follow)
1- The only reason his daughter gets taken away (and eventually killed) by a serial killer- is because the father is too busy SAVING HIS OTHER KID’S LIFE. Oi. Honestly, why can’t he just be in a mall? Why can’t he just turn away for one second and the kid is gone, why must he be in the middle of a heroic act when his kid is taken? WHY?
2- God of course is represented as the holy trinity. God= essentially Aunt Jemima, Holy Spirit= small gardening Asian woman (although with spirit-like qualities) and Jesus is of course a Hebrew. Trying too hard? I think so. Not to mention the main character seems somewhat stunned at first that Jesus is brown (and later that he’s not pretty). HONESTLY.
3- The main character seems a little shocked that God is not a white guy with a beard. Really? Really.
4- The book heavily implies that if you’re not Christian your belief is not quite right yet…

Basically it’s about the main character finding the strength through God to forgive the serial killer and God himself for what happened to his daughter. (There’s also a side story with his father being abusive and the forgiveness that’s found there) But essentially the whole story is just a structure to try and teach people about the holy trinity and how it works while trying to dispel any of the “rumours” about God that don’t tend to appeal to the general public.

So they tackle things like- God is all good and thus he doesn’t make the “bad” things happen, it’s humans who use their independence to do that… and on and on and on.
(read: God’s not the ‘bad guy’)

It’s like it was written to help people out who are pissed at God. It’s like they could read this and say, “oh I’m not pissed at you anymore- Hey God, high five!”

If this book makes other people swoon by all means, different strokes for different folks. But I couldn’t for the life of me figure out why a) my mother had recommended it to me and b) why she found it philosophical.

I’m not pissed at God. I actually haven’t determined what my own personal beliefs are yet, so how could I be pissed? Also, the key to the philosophies and philosophers that I like- tends to be the fact that they have supported their ideas so well that it’s extremely hard to poke holes in what they’re saying. That they have presented an argument so sound that it branches off into more ideas; that at times blow my mind.

I’d much rather read Nietzsche’s Beyond Good and Evil any day.
This book is not philosophy and I worry about calling it theology for fear of insulting the title.

It’s a book written by a white guy trying to give God’s perspective. How he knows God’s perspective is beyond me, but apparently he feels comfortable with what he’s written and other people do as well because he’s sold millions of copies of this sucker.

/end rant.

In non-religion news I made this Vegetable Cheese Oat Cake: