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November & December 2015: Engagement photos, Hamilton and Chrimbo

February 19, 2016

In November, we traveled to Toronto to get our engagement photos taken in Kensington market with our ridiculously talented weddang photographer Jennifer Moher. (Honestly. Check her portfolio. Insane.)

As our wedding is all NATURE! – we opted for a much more urban couples session.

The results from that shoot… are just ahhhhhh. Who knew we could look so good?

During that trip we got to visit with my pal Bevan and we also took the opportunity to check out Hamilton as a prospective new home. It ticked a lot of boxes. Lots of wee cafes, lovely restaurants and bars – proximity to Toronto, housing is affordable… overall pretty good. But of course, we’re a bit hesitant this time around, lest we fuck this up one more time.

We did discover Tiki Sushi here in Windsor. And what a delicious find that was. Their shrimp ceviche is a thing of dreams – not to mention their oysters. I’m salivating already.

Saturday Night Beaver continued to plod along – November’s actually went over the bar’s capacity. Then in December we did a video dance party as a throwback to the days of the MuchMusic video dances. It was hella successful and really, really fun.

Roisin played for the Windsor Independent‘s Gallery series –

And the normal prep that accompanies Christmas happened. I decided to abuse my Indigo discount something fierce. There’s only a couple days before Christmas where I get 40% off. As we were skint, I bought all my Chrimbo presents in one day along with enough books to last a year. Mmmm books. Merry Christmas Kayla.


Daughter, Café Campus, Montreal, May 6

January 7, 2014

Finally, after departing on February 20th, Roisin returned with her visa in hand on May 5th. Thank. Fuck.

Although her absence likely strengthened our relationship, I’ll not be doing that again. Where she goes I will follow and vice versa. Never will I cry over potato peels again.

I journeyed to Toronto and stayed with Bevan and got some quality time with Zac (the most beautiful child on this planet). We got to catch-up and chat before we picked up a slightly grumpy and super ill Roisin from the airport.

The next day we were already en route to Montreal as I’d got us tickets to see Daughter.

More about Roisin’s return later- but for now, enjoy some photos of Daughter. We lucked out and got to meet Elena, Igor and Remi after the show. If you haven’t listened to If You Leave, I have to wonder which large boulder you turned into an abode in 2013.

Bishop Allen rock the ElMo

November 1, 2009

Bevan and I followed up our La Roux concert experience with Bishop Allen this Friday.
We had a bit of an adventure- the doors weren’t open until 9pm and the bands weren’t going to start until 10pm. Didn’t really feel up for openers so we decided to gallivant and chit chat.

Bevan is a bit of a “strange stranger” magnet. You have to somewhat prepare yourself for an evening with her as they seem to seek her out from all corners of the city.
We had a few run-ins but most were just weird men trying to compliment us while completely high/intoxicated. Easily handled with a “Thanks. Taken”.

The LCBO that we went to had a MASSIVE line up just to get in- New Years-like. This photo really doesn’t do it justice, but there were two lines from the cash to the very back of the store.

And of course we decided to be Rockstars.

Anyone familiar with Toronto knows Sneaky Dee’s and I hadn’t been in ages so Bevan and I decided to consume what they call the “King’s Crown” which could feed a family of four.

Observe its majesty:

The concert was amazing- got to talk to Justin Rice when we first walked in and also got a good spot although we showed up past 11pm

I also took a few short videos- the camera’s batteries were dying :(
Click, Click, Click, Click:

Middle Management:

The end of Flight 180- easily one of my favorite songs by them- shame I couldn’t get the whole thing

And of course, autographed discs: