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TCAF re-cap

August 10, 2011

This is a long time coming- but here’s my TCAF re-cap.

I wanted to write something a while back but other things became a priority and poor poor blogging got shoved onto the back burner for months.

TCAF is one of my favorite things ever.  I think anyone who enjoys art, literature, comics … art in general really, should at least make the trek out to the show once.  I was so bloody excited to be invited to exhibit- it felt so surreal being on the other side of the table after working the event so many times.

Adam and I got in a day or so prior to the show so here we are enjoying breakfast at Fran’s on the Friday morning.

Adam with his morning milkshake:

Arthur with his fake smile:

Philippa with her Canadian water:

We had a bit of an adventure around the city that afternoon- exploring Kensington market and china town. We saw these cakes with their gloopy horses.

The following morning of course was TCAF.  Here are some shots of my table. I think I made it quite attractive. Who doesn’t enjoy a bit of lime?

I was very, very, lucky and sold out of all of my copies of the Galavant collection before the show even closed on Sunday. I personally don’t even own a copy of the book. So, so kind of everyone who bought it- I will have more copies for Thought Bubble this November. I can’t wait to actually own one of those bad boys!

You can see Adam in this photo as well on our shared table :D

Adam’s table:


They had a slide show of all the books debuting at TCAF behind me and I kept trying to keep an eye out for Galavant to make an appearance and I was lucky enough to snap this shot. Proud moment-

I drank my weight in Tim Hortons hot chocolate while I was there. I love and miss the small takeaway cups-

Busy, busy show…

I love this shot that Paul Hillier took of me holding up the January collection. Sheer excitement. (frightening?)

On the Saturday night Adam and I attended the Doug Wright Awards. I’d persuaded him to go with me last year and we’d really enjoyed ourselves- I think it’s a must-do when in town for TCAF. I look forward to them every year.

They also had Don McKellar as an MC again. Total bonus! All Canadian film students learn to love the man.

Amusing Jack Layton joke illustrated by John Martz.

David Boswell was inducted into the Giants of the North-

Discussion with Seth:

Afterwards Adam and I roamed through part of the University of Toronto towards an after party to celebrate the first day.

Of course we ended up doing some karaoke- it didn’t feel as silly-good-times as it normally does but Becky Cloonan sure does throw down. Respect.

After the show on Sunday getting food with friends turned into a bit of a shenanigan (as it always does at a convention) so Adam and I ended up solo at this lovely Italian restaurant on Baldwin St. One of the best food streets. Mmm food street.

Afterwards we walked through china town – past amazingly named buildings to The Dakota Tavern where Jeffrey Lewis was playing a gig. I have to admit that all intelligent thoughts left my head while chatting with him for a bit. He bought a copy of Galavant which is slightly troubling as it’s my first comic-related dabbling… ramble ramble ramble

I love the Dakota. Great place for great music.


And there we have it- that was my TCAF experience… the coles notes.

Afterwards I went to visit my folks and ate home cooked meals (and BBQ)- went for a bike ride and showed Adam where I grew up. Relaxed- then back to Manchester I flew.



A belated post- Fuck Buttons x 2

June 6, 2010

This concert happened May 19th so I’m hella late posting about it- apologies-a-plenty.

My buddy Arthur and I decided to see them again- we’d gone to a show in November which was quite rad. (For photos from the previous show you can head here – then scroll down.)

The opening band was Hounds of Hate– I’d recommend givin’ them a listen.

Here’s some photos of them:

The show was really good- I think the crowd was kinda annoying this time around which took away from it a bit- being sandwiched between drunken teens who are mouth breathers not exactly my fave. I’m actually interested to see the difference between a Canadian show and seeing them play at home.

I got to meet Esteban when I purchased a snazzy t-shirt before the show- he was managing the tour and a fella named Matt I believe… Maaaatttt, who was doing the sound. Really hip fellas. Also got introduced to Caley (sp?) and her friends- we all drank til the wee hours of the morning together- at least until we couldn’t find anything that was open past 3am and going home became a necessity.

Esteban & Caley

Ben & Esteban
This photo actually prompted the following one to be taken-

An impressive tongue scenario…

There you have it, my last Toronto concert until 2012- but I do have live tunes lined up: Glastonbury at the end of this month. EXCITED!


Next chapter…

December 22, 2009

When I was packing this time around, I hit the point of “serious business”. I decided to get rid of some stuff that I’d been dragging around for years. First order of business was my notes. “Notes?” you say, “What do you mean by notes?”. Well, I had kept every single note passed between my friends and I throughout high school. I’d kept them in separate boxes and bags labeled by which grade I was in, I assume expecting to open them one day and laugh and smile at my teen years.

When me BFF Arthur realized what I was throwing away (recycling to get technical) he thought I was silly. I assume he would have kept them all, but it was time to purge. It was fun to open a few and read through them, but half of the things that were referenced had code names so if a teacher or other classmate picked them up, our secrets would stay secret.

I got rid of my GINORMOUS roll of movie posters that I’d been dragging around since… 2004? All of my Hanson stuff. Yes, HANSON STUFF. You laugh, but I rock out. I also sent a ton of Harry Potter stuff to Good Will. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted. AHHH freedom from those sentimental objects.

I’ve been away from Toronto for less than a week and I’m already having a few pangs of, hmm… not necessarily missing it, just an “Awww, Toronto” feeling.

I did make sure to consume Insomnia’s chicken, avocado and brie sandwich one more time before leaving.


Now I’m trying to read what feels like 12 books and 18 magazines before I leave in an attempt to make my suitcase lighter.

6 days ’til my flight- 7 days ’til I’m actually in London.