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London- Manchester week 7

February 19, 2010

This past week was a little hectic but I will do my best with this recap.

Thursday and Friday were pretty low key days just hanging out with Adam at his place.

Saturday and Sunday were super busy.
On Saturday I attended the Alternative Press Fair in Euston. This was my first adventure into the realm of zine selling. I was pretty damn pleased with the whole thing. If anything, looking at the work produced by the people around me gave me a kick in the ass (I should really bring things up a notch) and a hefty spoonful of motivation.

I was lucky enough to be sitting beside Joe Decie I think you should check out some of his work yes yes.

That night Matt Sheret and Anne were nice enough to invite us to join them and Liz Greenfield for food and drinks and general shenanigans.

On Sunday We Are Words + Pictures had a two event combo at the Notting Hill Arts Club. I lent a hand with whatever was needed- they’re such an awesome crew- the day was FANTASTIC! First Drop In + Draw to chat with some artists, perhaps hone some new skills etc followed by Modern Romance featuring Robin Ince and some sweet sweet dance tunes.

I was spoiled by Adam as we took leave for a tasty Italian meal to celebrate the ol’ V day. *blush*

Monday we lingered in London for a bit, adventuring to Green Park (my personal fave in the city) and grabbin’ a bite to eat before heading back to Manchester pretty damn exhausted.

Tuesday was a day of catch-up and some relaxin’- Wednesday Adam took me to Afflecks where I acquired a new nose ring hoop and we discovered a tasty chocolate place om nom. Also I should mention that Good Grief! is a neat little comic shop in there.

Yesterday was yet another relaxing day but it did involve the making of some delicious OMG fajitas. SO DELICIOUS. I will post photos of those bad boys next time.

Passed this wee shop on the way to the Press Fair… oh la la!

My table at the Fair with sir Adam at the end

Alternative Pressin’

Matt dishin’ out the delicious cake that Anne made (for icing help you can always turn to this guy *points to self*)

Notting Hill-ness

Adam was on the wall at the Arts Club

Drop In + Draw

Jamie McKelvie hard at work

Julia hard at work

Honest to god Matt played such a wicked set AHHH! So much dance! DANCE!

Notting of the Hills

Green Park has the best trees

London- near Victoria station

We ended Pancake Day on Tuesday with dessert pancakes :D

Inside Afflecks

More next time!


PS- Just a reminder that the website will be ch-ch-ch-ch-changin’!


London- Essex week 6

February 12, 2010

Yay, second update this week!

Comic drinks were good times- Got some time to chat and be thoroughly embarrassed by Kieron and McKelvie. Also got to meet Mikey Bennett (sp?) who is an awesome chap.

Mikey and Kieron …

Nevs, Julia and Rachel lovely people yes yes

On Friday morning Sarah noticed a rainbow in New Cross- tres lovely.

I went to acquire a suitcase later on that day and walked past the National Gallery- so nice to see some sun. You miss it after a while here.

On Saturday Adam, Lizz Lunney and I went to Marc and Anna’s for a house party.

Essex is LOVELY.

Marc and Anna’s party was also super LOVELY!

I think it was also well documented

Sweet dance moves!

This is after an enthralling performance of the 30 Rock theme by Marc and Adam – from this Ellerbism.

Party ’til sleepy

Tide goes out-

Epic English Breakfast on Sunday morning- picture perfect yes?

Adam was really pleased with his chocolate milk

There was this weird spongey plant by the water which was fun to bounce off of as demonstrated below.

Monday and Tuesday I worked me bum off getting my zine together for the printer with lots and lots and lots of help from Julia. Then Wednesday morning I got up and ran some errands before grabbing the train in the evening to head to Manchester.

I’m now living with Mr. Cadwell and his room mate Chris in Manchester- first day was pretty low key, went grocery shopping which is one of my favorite things to do in England. Cottage pie dinner while watching QI- Stephen Fry is the man.


more soon!

London week 5

February 9, 2010

Hiya- I’m going to hopefully do two recaps this week, I’m running a bit behind.

Last we chatted I was headed out with my friend Mark. We stopped at Wagamama first for some delicious eats. I dig their sign:

Then we went on to BUG– The Evolution of the Music Video hosted by Adam Buxton. It was AMAZING! I now have key lines in my book like “pummeled with fists of succeed” and “face melting, ear rapist”.

The following day I met up with Adam and went for dinner at a delicious Brazilian food place that Mark had pointed out. Then we met up with Matt and went to a club for Black Plastic- a dance night recommended by Jamie McKelvie. There we met up with Matt’s girlfriend Anne and Hannah.

Riding the subway- Matt is a little on the tall side.

The next morning Jamie, Hannah, Adam and I went to Broadway Market for some tasty treats.

Then Hannah suggested that we go visit the Hackney City Farm which was delightful and even involved a very hungover donkey.

Saturday night we went out with Adam’s friends Beth and Paul- much fun was had: tasty food consumed, juke box and tasty breakfast the following morning.

By the pub that we went to this graffiti/ painting warranted a photo, or two-

Monday the 1st was Hourly Comic Day (you can see my entry in my previous post or here.)

Tuesday and Wednesday I spent the days inking and posting my hourlies and drawing some other pieces.

Thursday I worked most of the day but then went out to a cafe to get more done before heading to Comics Drinks- there will be photos of that in my next post :D