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What are you doing Friday night? *wink*

August 18, 2009

So. Watcha up to Friday night? Nothing? No plan? In the Toronto area are you?

Boy do I have a suggestion! You should do this:

Oh yes yes! The Central is the location for The R Rated Show‘s fundraiser for their upcoming exhibition running from September 18th 2009, through October 1st 2009 at the Art Bar in the Gladstone Hotel.

The R Rated Show is an outlet for Toronto artists to tackle a variety of adult subjects, from the horrific to the erotic, and everything in between. It includes work from a wide range of professional illustrators, photographers, fine artists, video game artists and comic artists, as well as emerging talent.

Not to mention this fundraiser will include burlesque, my friend James performing magic that will BOGGLE your mind and musical treats for a mere $15. I think it will be spectacular. *Highly* recommended. It all starts at 8pm.

PS- These artists have been working so hard on this sucker so they deserve serious high fives (yes, serious high fives exist) for setting this up.

In other news I just need a bit of a rant/ramble. (And here you thought this would solely be an advertisement for awesome entertainment!)
I really dig and I really like her overly personal vibe and I just wanted to whine about how I often feel like I want to up the ante a bit and maybe share a bit more but I get cold feet. So much is going on right now but I’m so bloody fearful about writing about my job (I also do not want to get “dooce’d”), or some shitty personal issues because I don’t want people to run after me with plastic knives or something.

But we’ll see. I dunno- maybe I’ll grow a pair over night.



Kevin Smith will always make me laugh

July 26, 2009

I’ve been sitting here trying to unwind after a busy weekend and this seems to be doing the trick:

There’s 11 different videos- #2 is particularly haha. I recommend.

This also works because it’s in the spirit of SDCC and it makes me almost feel like I was able to go. (Lie)

This is a lazy post because I spent Friday night cleaning, Saturday morning/afternoon cleaning, Saturday night birthday partying and finally today preparing a bachelorette party followed by a Wedding Shower. *insert sleepy here*

I was gonna be all epic and whatnot but then I thought… meh. So you get Kevin Smith.
Some people not so keen on the man- me personally, big fan. His films are one of the few things I can actually quote. I was once told that “boys quote things and girls sing Disney”. In this case that comment is very, very true.


Happy Canada Day!!

July 1, 2009

I will be spending my Canada day in red and white of course, but also by going to this:

It should be some seriously good times.

Not much else is going on that’s post worthy. Last weekend was pretty eventful. Went to see The Proposal with some co-workers and it was actually quite funny. Then I went out with my friend Tory and some of her friends for a pint and dancing at Neutral. She had to cut out early to take care of a puppy but no matter since I ran into some University folks. My friends Awn and Will as well as my buddy Kalman from what I call “The Beguiling Crew”. So I danced ’til about 2:30 then made the long trek home.

Sunday was fun filled as I hooked up with Bevan and Rosie (co-workers) and went to the PRIDE parade and saw Wang Chung and ABC play. Kind of amazing.

‘Til next time…