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Nelson Eisner nod

April 7, 2012

I did a piece called “Lost & Found” for Paper Science 7 back in December and since then it’s received some pretty stellar reviews.

Here on Forbidden Planet International and Broken Frontier.

Also in the good news pile Nelson the book I co-ordinated when I worked for Blank Slate last year has been nominated for an Eisner for Best Anthology. I am the most excited. THE MOST. For those of you not familiar with the Eisners it’s essentially the top honour in the comics industry. It is the Oscar of comics. I am so proud and happy and elated. Ahhhhh!

Also I appear in the most recent Buzz Magazine put together by the Edinburgh Napier University journalism students. You can pick it up around town here at local cafes and pubs. :D




January 4, 2012

Better late than never yes? Yes.

For 5 months last year I had the absolute privilege of working with Rob Davis and Woodrow Phoenix on the incredible and extremely challenging project: Nelson.

54 Artists came together to tell the story of Nel Baker and I got a front row seat. The work that I did co-ordinating the book was not easy, it ate up my time like a delicious pastry- but it was most definitely worth it and very rewarding. When I recently had the time to read the whole thing cover to cover I couldn’t help but shed a tear knowing how bloody hard everyone worked to make this book happen- to tell this story.

Emailing, chatting and generally getting to know so much more of the UK comics community was a delight. I just needed to put it down on paper how proud I am of this book. I am floored that I had any part in its creation.

Many a learning curve were overcome and so many rant berries grown- but it was all for this book. This lovely, lovely book.


Adam turns 30 + Thought Bubble 2011

December 4, 2011

Hey there,

Just a quick posty post. November 11th isn’t just a day to remember. It is also the day that a certain Adam Cadwell was born. This year in particular was a bit special as it was his 30th- thus much celebrating was in order.

Here he is openin’ presents. And yes, that is the Hogwarts castle in Lego form.

Then it was time for the cake. Nom nom.

Wish time!

That evening Adam also got to blow out candles on a “lego cake” that his sister Jolene made. I particularly like his face here baha!

Adam’s mum got him loads of lego (yes, this is what a 30th birthday looks like) – here they are exploring…

The following night we went out with a bunch of Adam’s friends for food and drinks afterwards. I took this picture in Wagamama – looks like he’s about to eat that lady’s head…

The lego pile he acquired…

Adam also got one of the coolest gifts I’ve ever seen. His buddy Dan made him a Pez for his comic character The King of Things. Bloody BRILLIANT. And the card that accompanied this gift was just as creative and fantastic.

The month of November also means Thought Bubble. I had a pretty good weekend- the best part being hanging out with friends and getting to catch up with people like Biz Horne who I’d chatted with last year.

On the second night we indulged in a delicious sushi meal and were entertained by light saber wielding samurai sushi chefs.

And then we danced. Not as much dancing as I normally do at an event of this nature. But still, some dancing was most definitely done.

I came back from this weekend feeling like my heart was so full- spending time with Julia and Sarah in particular was just… there aren’t words big enough to suit the occasion.

November was a big month full of ups and downs – these were definitely some of the ups.