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Kayla Marie Hillier is 32-years-old, and hails from a small village of 600 people, called Stoney Point or Pointe-aux-Roches, which is found in the most southern part of the Canadian province of Ontario.

She pursued higher education in the Niagara region at Brock University, where she achieved a degree in both Philosophy and Film and managed to write well over 100 articles for the Canadian University Press.

She left her Toronto home (basement apartment) in late 2009 to wander around England as the country managed to woo her with an impressive display of overcast skies. In November of 2011, she moved to Edinburgh, Scotland, which is the loveliest of all the major British cities, until her visa ran out. Prior to her return to Canada, she backpacked around Europe before deciding to move to Montreal, Quebec where Kayla worked as the Assistant Editor and Screen Editor for Cult MTL. From here she had a two-year stint in Windsor, Ontario before finally returning to Toronto in the spring of 2016.

She has completed a webcomic GALAVANT, which documents her travels throughout the U.K. over a period of three months. She’s also involved in Julia Scheele’s 69 Love Songs, Illustrated project and has created a travel related piece called Lost & Found for Paper Science 7. She also worked with Blank Slate Books as book co-ordinator for the British comics anthology Nelson, which was Eisner nominated and the 2012 winner for Best Book at the British Comic Awards. She’s currently using the lyrics from Tegan and Sara songs to create dialogue for her new comic project tentatively titled A Love Type Thing, a love story, but mostly a celebration of the band’s music.

As a writer, she’s currently trudging through the muck of creating second drafts to two novels that she’s written over the past six years.

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