Resolutions Renewed and Reflected 2015

These were my resolutions for 2015-

1-Read 25ish books including the full Game of Thrones series and potentially Outlander. I did read all of Game of Thrones and started Outlander… but I have yet to finish and I didn’t reach 25.
2-Learn guitar you fool. BOOM! Totally did
3-Draw at least 5 pages for my comic and settle on a final draft for the script. No, no, no, nooooo
4-Try and make it to the “M”s for TED talks. Minimum catch up on all the talks I’ve missed with last names ending A-H-ish. I did accomplish this, although I may have a bit of catching-up to do.
5-Catch-up on the YouTube things I watch. Nooooope.
6-Try to devote 30min a week to either looking at drafts or writing something new. No pressure. Fail.
7-Pay off all that debt you jerk! We did! But then the weddang created more :(
8-Complete a comic for our weddang favour. I’m awful this year… I might not even do that anymore.

Hmmm so let’s see… for 2016 I will do the following-

1-Pay off the wedding and become a debt free person again.
2-Write a song on guitar.
3-Write something… a short story, a draft… just something.
4-Give Roisin some lyrics to work with.
5-Draw something. Anything. Just fucking do it.

That’ll do.



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