January – March 2014: JD Samson, hair experiments and a visit from Scott

2014 started out pretty awesome. Newly engaged, I went about my typical day to day while trudging through the Montreal winter. There was definitely an element of hibernation involved as no one really wants to brave -30 temperatures.

I watched the Oscars and got to weigh-in on some commentaries on the radio, continued with my hair colour experimentation and I got to check out LSTW‘s webseries Féminin/Féminin for work.

Around the end of the month I got to interview JD Samson about MEN’s latest album. This was the first music-related piece I did for Cult MTL, I was super stoked as I love Le Tigre.

Roisin made me a slightly corny and yet impressive Valentine’s Day gift and I decided to cut a weird fade into my hair. The best bit about the winter was when my BFF from Manchester, Scott, came to hang out.

As he’d never been to Canada before, I really wanted to help him tick a few boxes, so we did a bit of a whirlwind tour. Things didn’t get off on the best footing as his flight got delayed in NYC making him have to find a last minute hostel – winter weather here can really be unpredictable. When he finally made it into Toronto it was bloody freezing.

I took him to Niagara Falls then up to St. Catharines to check out my uni (where I also discovered that I have the best placement on the composite photo for the graduating class. Zing!). Then we went back to Toronto where we did some sightseeing, enjoyed a few beers and also surprised my pal Amanda who I hadn’t seen in ages with a delicious meal and later premature green beers as everyone was getting excited for St. Patrick’s Day. Roisin was not impressed with this beverage.

Then we returned to Montreal with Scott and did a ton of sightseeing there and had all the tea/coffee and cakes. It was amazing and I’m sad that I had to give him back :(

The rest of the month consisted of some gigs that Roisin played at a few venues and snow. Lots and lots of snow.

Not a bad start though I’d say.


PS- I have to say that although I went to uni in the Niagara region, I’d never seen the falls frozen like that. INSANE. It was so, so, so, cold that night but totally worth it.



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