Resolutions Renewed and Reflected 2013

These were my resolutions for 2013-

1-read 52 books. I only read 19
2-learn geetar properly. I did take the time to study music theory again making my way through a theory book. But I didn’t really devote the right amount of time to an instrument.
3-record a few covers … at least 3. Nada.
4-write one song. Doesn’t have to be good. Just give it a go. I did write some lyrics…
5-complete current comic project and release it at Thought Bubble- if not, TCAF 2014 but make sure that I’m happy with every. single. page. I did a lot for my comic project – finished the script, designed characters, made a proposal book. But it’s not completed and it won’t see the light of day for a while.
6-work with watercolour. Gave it a go but I need to work on it more.
7-try keeping a journal/sketchbook every day I was totally winning at this until I got the gig at Cult MTL :(
8-catch up on TED talks.
9-complete a second draft to one of my writing projects. Just one. Nope.
10-pay off debt and start saving for project Haus. We did pay off a lot of debt but it’s not entirely gone…

Hmmm so let’s see… for 2014 I will resolve to do the following-

1-Read 30ish books? Try for 50 if you can
2-Play some guitar.
3-Work on your comic. Maybe rework the script a bit.
4-Fill up 2013’s moleskine
5-Get half-way through all the TED talks
6-At least read your first drafts for your books Kayla.
7-Pay off all debt. You can do it.

That’ll do.



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