September-October 2013: Autumn + Halloween… & remembering Awn

These catch-up posts from 2013 were something that I threw together over the Christmas holidays while I was still lingering around at my folk’s place at New Years. So a) it’s extra sad that they’re just getting posted now but also b) I’ve kind of forgotten what photos I had thrown into these galleries.

I had a bit of a jolt with this one because the second photo in the gallery is from my friend Awn’s #neonforawn campaign that began in order to keep her spirits up while she was dealing with chemo treatments for cancer. I think my initial intention was maybe to share a link to the instagram and Facebook posts and try and get some of you to join in as well- but Awn passed away on June 11th at 31.

I can’t really find the right words to express this loss. She was an absolutely phenomenal human being.


The Yeah Yeah Yeahs tune was played at her Celebration of Life. This was the song that she would have liked to dance to on her wedding day.

Carrying on with the catching-up, autumn meant delivering the student survival guide to all of Montreal’s colleges and universities, it meant decorating the flat for the season and we also had a pretty girly night helping our pal Amanda with some relationshipness. (Which really meant a great excuse to eat a lot of cookies.)

Once while working at a Starbucks Michel from Gilmore Girls showed up and I lacked the courage to take a photo with him so all you get is my stealth shot. MICHEL!

We became pretty close friends with a comedian Kate Conner, her husband Jeremy and their four kids. They turned Roisin on to vegetarian food which was a bit of a task ;) On my birthday Amanda surprised me at the Drink ‘n Draw that I used to run at Notre Dame des Quilles with a cake. It was pretty fancy. On the actual day I of course, ate chocolate cake while watching Home Alone… as I do every year. Roisin got me a bunch of lovely photos from our relationship thus far, printed out via this Instagram crafty-scenario.

We became pals with the ladies from Diamond Bones and went to see them play… all the time. They’re friggen incredible. And my work paid me to check out fancypants Toqué‘s lunch menu. It was intense. And tasty. Intensety.

And then of course, on Halloween I got all gussied up as Joan from Mad Men. It was probably the best costume I’ve ever done/the most effort I’ve ever put into a costume. It was a hit, aside from the one chick who thought I was trying to be Adele…



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