August 2013: Wanderin’ around MTL

I’m the worst at blogging. 2014, the year of dropping the ball.

So I figure I’ll try to catch up before I’m officially a year behind…

Last summer was really the time that Roisin and I started to explore and get cozy in Montreal. One of the coolest opportunities that I had via Cult MTL, was interviewing Edgar Wright and Nick Frost in person about The World’s End. You can read that interview here.

We also had fun celebrating Montreal’s 3 weeks of Gay Pride festivities. We didn’t really attend Divers/Cité but we did go on our very first Dyke March as part of Pevers/Cité. And of course, I watched the parade (solo sadly as Roisin had to work).

Roisin performed at Gender B(l)ender a queer open mic hosted monthly by Kama La Mackerel, my friends Ryan and Val (who just tied the knot a week ago) came to visit mere days after the proposal during an East Coast Canadian adventure. Their visit was so close to Ryan’s birthday that I was able to bake him a birthday cake – I love a random visit.

Roisin also performed at the tattoo shop Ink City North later on in the month, which is right next door to the donut shop she managed. The night was also host to an awesome boom box-themed art show. We got ourselves addicted to Brit & Chips, the only eatery that allowed Roisin to acquire some Irn Bru (as well as some Guinness battered salmon nom nom). I got to interview Wiley Wiggins just in time for Dazed and Confused‘s 20th anniversary and we got to watch it in his presence outdoors at the McAuslan brewery.

One of our best discoveries throughout the summer came from my boss’ request for us to check out the new frozen yogurt joint Blue Boy. The ’50s style vibe is definitely a draw but you can’t beat serve yo’ self fro-yo of many flavours and loads of topping choices. SO GOOD.

I think the summer is the best time to head to Montreal. It’s an entirely different city.


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