July 2013: Sauble Beach + Cult MTL Anniversary

We were enjoying the Montreal summer and the wee bit of spending cash that we finally had in our pockets.

A few highlights from the month included an interview with Guy Maddin, who as far as I’m concerned is a Canadian legend. I found myself recollecting the many screenings from my Canadian Cinema course in university.

We finally caved mid-month and bought a fan as temperatures reminded us of the sweltering Italian heat and Roisin began to play a few gigs here and there in Montreal and doing some stand-up comedy at open mics.

Nearing the end of the month, we took a trip to hang-out with my parents in Sauble Beach, sandwiching a gig to see Tegan and Sara in Chatham in the middle as I’d acquired some V.I.P. passes (more about that in the next post). I think we picked the perfect time for a vacation as the weather co-operated and gave me a chance to introduce Roisin to the joys of swimming in a lake vs. the ocean.

At the concert, I was also able to pass along my proposal for my comic project to Tegan & Sara. There’s still so much to do as far as that’s concerned – I shudder to think when I’ll actually be able to show anyone what I’ve been toiling away at. But I’m also not keen on rushing it this time around. I really want to give each page and every line care and attention.

We got back in time to celebrate the one year anniversary of Cult MTL. We drank and were merry, not to mention the turn-out was tremendous.

I think by the end of July I finally got used to the new routine. I started to enjoy writing a bit more. At first, I have to admit, I found myself so rusty and so unprepared for the demands of creating content for the daily web and twice-monthly publication.

One of the last things I covered at the end of July was CollegeHumor’s Coffe TownDefinitely a flick worth watching. It also resulted in my boss introducing us to It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. So good.

EDIT: I almost forgot! One of the friggen saddest things that happened to me in 2013 was the half-death of my long-time companion and friend: Demetree a.k.a. A Girl’s Best Friend a.k.a. my Asus Eee PC *sob*. I’m very much a luddite in some respects and I really don’t want for the newest and bestest technology as long as what I’ve got is functioning. This tiny, and I mean TINY, netbook saw me through from 2009-2013. To be fair, he’s not entirely dead – he continues to chug along on my desk. He plays TED talk when I need company and I still manage to do all my Photoshop stuff on him which boggles so many minds. My new computer is also an ASUS but a bit bigger. I’ve named him Gary.


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