May-June 2013: Explorin’ Montreal…

Along with Roisin’s return, May also proved to be the month of change.

After toiling away at the call centre and getting my hate-on in terms of my feelings towards Montreal, everything decided to improve simultaneously.

I’d decided to move out to Montreal not only because it seemed like a step forward vs. the circular back-to-where-I-started feeling that Toronto provided, but also because there was potential that I could work in publishing again at their local English-language culture publication Cult MTL. This of course, wasn’t a firm reality in the fall but all of a sudden there was an opening for a Screen Editor and for the first time in my life, my film degree, my work at specialty DVD store Cinema 1 and my experience in video rentals + my Brock Press journalism experience, collided and made it look like I’d been on some kind of journey — that I hadn’t simply taken jobs willy-nilly as they’d become available — that I had a plan. I’d never been able to connect the dots with my work experience or education before. It was pretty damn satisfying to do so.

So, after six months of awful, soul-destroying call centre work, I was finally able to hand in my resignation. Thinking back to that moment, still brings waves of elation.

I started to learn all about my new gig, hangin’ at my new boss’ house conveniently located a block away. (Where I also bonded with her ginger cat Max.)

Roisin also settled in really quickly, not only abusing the coaster/coffee table relationship, but by acquiring a job at a gourmet donut shop within 2 days of her plane touching down. She also began French lessons and regardless of a certain argument which may have included heated foot-stamping, she passed with flying colours.

By having dual income for the first time in 11 months, Roisin and I were able to recall what it was like to eat other things than canned soup, tuna, and Mr. Noodle. We started to roam the streets — and with our fancy pants metro passes, we could reach every corner of the island whenever we pleased. Life improved. We definitely started to enjoy Montreal: the many festivals that cropped-up, tasty food, and such. We still faltered socially, but meh, we were winning in so many areas… so fuck it.

We went to the Mural Fest and I enjoyed a load of stuff at Fringe, I babysat a disgruntled cat that looked like a tubesock, and we started to go to a lot of comedy shows for cheap and cheerful entertainment. Sabrina Jalees in particular, was outstanding — and there we met one of our favourite Montrealers: Alon.

Things were looking up.

I even found a decent coffee shop.


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