March-April 2013: While Roisin’s away…

If there’s one thing I’m particularly good at, it may be blog neglect.

So much has changed and shifted since I last journal’d. And I can’t help but notice that I’m not the only one who seems to have struggled a bit in this area. Blogs aren’t really the future are they? Brevity gets you places.

So the last time I updated, I’d just entered one of the shittier portions of 2013: Roisin’s absence. So while she waited for her visa to get sorted, I busied myself in the dead of winter, in Montreal, with my stellar, low pay-random hours call centre gig. This really was a fine recipe for depression. No friends, shitty soul-sucking job, harsh weather and a challenging long distance relationship. Joy.

So I ate comfort food, like the pictured grilled cheese/Campbell’s tomato soup combo. I took too many selfies because I didn’t have anyone there to judge my iterations of the duck-face. My attempts to keep my mind occupied included an afternoon photographing every possible outfit combination in my wardrobe. My parents whisked me home for Easter where I enjoyed a delay-free Porter flight – oh, such a treat – as well as the cozy comfort of the familiar. I taught myself how to make perfect over-easy eggs, I did some design work, I caught up with an old friend and started to saunter the streets of Montreal.

I found one of the first houses my grandparents lived in after they got married and I enjoyed the tail-end of the glory days of local bar the Royal Phoenix and their specialty poutine (pulled pork, green apple, red cabbage). I perfected my stove-top popcorn-popping abilities and partied/karaoke’d with roller derby ladies. And I continued to wait… and wait… and wait…


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