Eurotrip 2012- Milan

For some reason I keep calling Milan, Madrid and I’m not entirely sure why as I’ve still never been to Spain. My brain really wants to pretend Madrid is in Italy though. So I apologize now if for some horrible reason I slip back into this bad habit at any point during this post.

The bus drops you off quite far from the city center so immediately we had to hop onto the tube in order to get closer to our hotel. We had a fair walk to get there as well so we were pretty exhausted once we made it.

The hotel itself is decent- the courtyard on the way in is really pretty and the area feels safe- there’s a grocery store nearby and you’re walking distance to pretty much everything. Our room was quite literally in reception… you had to walk behind the desk and then through this door and there you were. That was a bit strange. It did the job though. Oh!- and there’s no seating area for the breakfast they offer- so you have to grab essentially a cafeteria tray and then bring things to your room… so strange. But hey- breakfast!

My favourite Milan story is how we went looking for food and snacks that first night and then decided to get a nice cold beverage to go with our delicious Italian treats. Near the chocolate milk was this pink milk carton with strawberries on the front and immediately I was like… “YEAAAAHH! Strawberry milk”. Normally I would never even get strawberry milk nummers but it was hot and I was thirsty and this is what my body wanted.

So we went back to the hotel got settled in for our chill out nap time and we both took enormous swigs of this beverage- which was cream my friends. Fucking. Cream. We’re clearly lacking in the intelligence department. I take full responsibility here yes- but Roisin never questioned my strawberry milk acquisition.

Don’t do this. When you’re hot and in Italy. Don’t guzzle cream.

Anyhoo- so we just stayed close that night- we went for a brief walk of our surrounding area and got our bearings but we decided to save our actual sightseeing for the next day.

I have to be honest though- I was pretty underwhelmed with Milan. I was expected loads of models roaming around and I dunno… I actually don’t know what I wanted. But Milan left me feeling “meh”. So I wouldn’t really recommend it. It wasn’t a highlight. It’s pretty damn low on my list actually- him and Ancona.

We of course went straight for the Milan Cathedral in the Piazza del Duomo. It is really beautiful but they have these horrible men in the middle of the square literally grabbing your hands to shove birdseed in them so you can get a ridiculous photo of you and your pals/partners feeding pigeons in front of the cathedral. It’s a fucking circus. I was getting so upset. Literally I had to keep my hands pressed against my stomach to stop them from just grabbing my arms trying to put birdseed into my paw. It was awful. AWFUL. I hope they’re not there all year round. What a joke. I could barely look around cause I felt uncomfortable about the whole thing.

So we ended up rushing into the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II in order to get away from these guys. Roisin was proper raging. The Galleria is beautiful but I think we were pretty grumpy.

So we just wandered around for the rest of our time in the city. Saw Castello Sforzesco and Porto Sempione and just had a wander.

There are some really pretty bits in Milan but I don’t really think it’s for me.

So the following day we packed up everything and we started our journey back to Edinburgh. Our very, very, long journey. The first thing we did was head back to Switzerland to Lauterbrunnen where we got in really late and stayed at Camping Jungfrau once more- this time in one of the chalets in our very own room with massive wooden bunk beds. I have to admit it was really nice to be somewhere familiar. It was also nice to get one more look at Switzerland before we continued on our way back to Munich the following day.



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