Eurotrip 2012- Pisa

After this post, there are only 5 more Eurotrip posts to go. We are indeed approaching the end. It’s going to feel so odd posting about my day to day happenings after this… I’ve almost been chatting about nothing but Europe for the past 10-11 months. Eeep!

Pisa, home of the leaning tower, was just a short stop on our way to La Spezia. We luckily got to walk through town a bit on the way to the tower so I feel like I got to have a bit of a gander at Pisa itself. It actually looks really pretty. I kind of wish (yet again) that we could have had one single night to explore.

We ooo’d and ahhh’d at the Tower and Cathedral. We purchased Padre Pio bracelets and just had a wee saunter before we were on our way again. They don’t let many people into the actual tower anymore and as we’d not made plans in advance we were happy to just admire him from the outside. (Where literally everyone was taking the same slightly daft picture: pretending to hold the damn thing up. Original.)

I would have to say that he is impressive though. I’m happy I got to see him. :D



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