Eurotrip 2012- Siena

TUSCANY! (For real this time.)

Now, Siena was warm. Really, really, really, warm.


I started to wonder if death was at the door- warm. Scared to sleep because I may never wake up due to a heat induced coma- warm.


We stayed at Camping Siena Colleverde which was nice enough but a bit out of the way. (We decided the following day to walk into Siena and I wouldn’t recommend that to anyone. Take the bloody bus. All the grass is dead for a reason. Nothing survives the heat!)

We got in relatively late so we decided to just wait and have one full day in the city center the following day.
Our wee cabin on the campsite was cleaner and more well kept than the one in Venice or Rome- but the thing here- no fan, no air conditioning and only a couple windows. I know we’re in Italy and what were we expecting… but … but… the others had A/C…

We could have cried. Cried and cried and cried.

Then we went to go swimming to find some relief to see that you couldn’t go into the pool unless you had a bathing cap and the wee store at the front was closed and as far as we could see didn’t sell bathing caps anyway. So we never got to use the pool :(

What we did do was spend the entire afternoon in our bathing suits running inside having the coldest showers in life then sitting outside to dry off- rinse repeat. Literally. When I went to bed that night I was actually afraid I’d never wake up. That I’d suffocate in this sticky sweat filled horrible situation.

And then the mosquitoes…

This isn’t Colleverde’s fault. The campground itself is clean and lovely. The climate *shakes fist*.
This was the least enjoyable day of the trip for me. We have other mishaps to come. But I think the discomfort of that entire afternoon still gives me the cringes.

The next day- we got the hell out of there. We tried to find the bus stop and failed and that’s when our logic also failed when we decided to try and walk to the city center. We could see it in the distance- up on a hill … so we literally just walked towards it. We argued. We drank lots of water and also wanted to cry.

But when we made it- OH HOW LOVELY IT WAS!
For many reasons- it’s gorgeous and it’s SO MUCH COLDER!!! A shadow at times is the most inviting thing.

So we checked out the Piazza del Campo, the Torre del Mangia, the Palazzo Salimbeni as well as the beautiful Siena Cathedral.

We really liked Siena, we had a really nice time wandering around the city. We had a really tasty meal at this outdoor restaurant and took the time to go into wee shops and have a peek. We also had the best gelato in Italy here at Gelateria Kopakabana. Honestly- we ate so much pistachio gelato throughout the trip and theirs was the absolute best by a landslide.

So basically we left Siena feeling like we wished we’d been closer because we’d have had more time in the enjoyable, cooler, city centre and perhaps the whole thing might not have been a bit tainted by our attempts to try and avoid heat stroke.

I also must say their pizza from their wee restaurant at Colleverde was quite good. We had him on that first night and we spent quite a bit of time in the wee bar/restaurant area the following day. Good coffee and they had pastries. But nooooo freeeee wifi. :( *grumpy*



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