Eurotrip 2012- Orvieto

I lied!

The next stop surely was not Tuscany. No, no, no- it was Umbria– more specifically, the extremely beautiful Orvieto.

We only had a couple hours in the afternoon here and we pretty much spent the entire time feeling gutted that we weren’t staying there for a few days.
Apparently we felt the same way as many Popes do.

Orvieto is also a really good example of how the Italians knew what they were doing in terms of the construction of these places up in the hills. They allow for all these incredible shady cool shadows through the town so you’re not constantly boiling and wishing for the end.

We had a quick coffee and just walked around – The Cathedral is so impressive- stunning. Again, likely why Popes like to chill out here.

We were told to head to L’Oste del Re for a delicious pork sandwich- and boy was that a scrumptious idea. L’Oste del Re not only had an incredible sandwich but FANTASTIC customer service. The first really epic customer service we’d had in ages. It almost felt strange to have a super holy moly friendly person to chat to. I give him 12 stars for delicious snacking.

And then before we knew it we had to start making our way back down the hill towards the bus to continue along our journey.

So sad… I would have loved to stay there for at least one night.

We did make a kitten pal as well. He bit Roisin though- playfully… and I told her I’d not touch her for days until I knew she truly didn’t have rabies. ;)



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