Eurotrip 2012- Rome Part 2

So after our very eventful first day in Rome, we did indeed decide to chill out the following day. We really had to pay attention to our exhaustion over these few months because the last thing we wanted was to get really ill and miss out on anything. So I learned that breaks and naps are both good things. Very good things.

We just sauntered around the campground for that day- attempted and failed to get decent wifi- sauntered across the overpass to a McDonald’s as we couldn’t face another night of Ciao Bella food. (The campground is a bit of a way from the city centre.) We pondered hopping in the pool but it was actually so hot that we decided against it.

The next day we booked another trip on the shuttle to head into Rome. We were going see the rest of the city :D

We spent the entire morning in Vatican City. We joined the massive queue outside the Vatican in the hopes of being wowed by the Sistine Chapel. The entire place the whole time we were there was rammed with people. You could barely move around. Anxiety inducing yes. I can only assume it was this bad because we were there in August- but I feel like the entry should have been more staggered or vetted in some way. It was really hard to peek at certain areas. It is beautiful though- I think it’s entirely worthwhile to check it out.

I was ultra disappointed with the Sistine Chapel though- you’re supposed to have your shoulders covered and you can’t wear short shorts etc. It’s just how it works. I carried a shirt with me the entire time we were in Italy for this purpose. A lot of churches ask that you are covered regardless of the heat etc. No one followed this at the chapel, they couldn’t even keep their mouths shut. You’re supposed to be silent and people were so bloody loud that they had staff shushing people every minute. So you’re crammed into this small space with loads of people talking with a constant “shhhh” “shhhh” “shhhh” … I mean… come on. Get your shit together.

Having been to the Anne Frank museum in Amsterdam where the line was massive but well worth the wait- I could not fathom how the bloody Vatican- Sistine Chapel, didn’t know how to organize people. It felt like the funds they received from letting so many people in- trumped the consideration of what type of experience patrons would have.

It was pretty awful.

That being said, I’ve never been a real fan of Michelangelo’s painting. He’s a far better sculptor. He draws ladies like men. I honestly wonder if he’d been with many women… And no, I’m not being awful.
I don’t think he knows what a lady’s bum looks like.

Afterwards we walked along Lungotevere dei Tebaldi, took a peek at the Palazzo Farnese, peered over at the Palazzo Corsini, and also sauntered around the Palazzo Spada.

Then we started to check out our first Roman ruins :D! We went towards Teatro di Marcello and we ooo’d and we awww’d.
Then we went to the Altare della Patria– now lemme tell you, that thing is fucking impressive. I am still impressed.

We went through Piazza Venezia and by Palazzo Venezia where we discovered a fountain :D Yay! I found them harder to come by on this end of town which also had fewer trees- so the heat was a little less bearable.

Then we checked out Trajan’s Forum. Really, really awesome. This whole area is a photo frenzy. And of course we checked out parts of the Roman Forum.

We saved the most stereotypical sight for last: The Colosseum. He really is impressive, but it’s one of those weird things where you’ve seen it in photos so many times that when you’re actually standing in front of it, you feel as if you’ve been there before. It doesn’t feel as awe inspiring when it really should. Time square did it to me as well, Niagara Falls… strange.

Then we were exhausted. We’d conquered Rome… in our own little way. Ticked all of our boxes. So we sauntered ever so slowly back to catch the shuttle bus. Absolutely exhausted- gelato as our only reprieve from the heat.

The next day we returned to Rome but this time to grab some food and use wifi. It was time to do the one task I’d been dreading- cancel all my bookings in Spain and Portugal and plan our journey back to Edinburgh. :( sob sob sob sob sob

So that’s what we did and it took hours and hours… I made it out without being charged for a single room- everything got cancelled and we decided to end after Milan- head back to Munich and then travel back to Paris and take the Megabus from there to London, then to Edinburgh. So we knew from that point on we only had a few more cities ahead of us. We’d be back in the UK by September and we’d be flying to Canada together shortly after that.

I think I went to bed that night with a bit of a heavy heart. So happy to be in the midst of such an epic adventure… but truthfully quite gutted that I’d not get to see Barcelona, Lisbon, Tours, Madrid, Bordeaux, Avignon… etc … etc 9 beautiful cities that’d have to wait for another day.

Ahhh well, I’ll be back. Oh, yes.

So the next morning we were off to Tuscany.



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