Eurotrip 2012- Rome Part 1

Ahhhh, Rome.

I’ve been secretly dreading these next two posts (hence my procrastination) because we saw so bloody much. I want to try and be concise- but there’s so much to see in Rome. So, so, so, much.

We stayed 5 nights at another campsite Plus Camping Roma. The idea was to spend three days in Rome and then head to Naples and have a saunter for a day or two but again due to financial strain that never panned out. ‘Plus Roma’ is pretty good- but Venice had the nicest campground you can get on the cheap. So it kind of made this one look a little more run down etc just due to the comparison. We had the exact same trailer/cabin scenario and he was missing some things that the Venice one had (Wee chairs and some furnishings)- but he did also have air conditioning and a picnic table outside. :D

We decided to hang in the first night and plan for a full day in the city like we’d done in Venice ordering a shuttle bus. We went to their Ciao Bella for food which was sub par to the one in Venice. This is when the joke of having the worst pizza of my life in Italy started. In this case Roisin’s calzone was burnt and my pizza had a 1-2inch ring of sauce around the edge with no toppings… just sauce and everything else was pooled in the center. Ahhh well.

We grabbed some snacks from the supermarket and had a low key evening in preparation for the next day.

That following day was huge. We decided to take our time and see as much as we could- get a feel for the city as there was no way we’d see everything we wanted to in one afternoon.

The Vatican was closed so that solved that issue entirely. We knew we could just saunter on. We were happy to see that where the bus stopped there was a church with a statue of Padre Pio outside. What a guy!

The wifi was quite unreliable at the campsite so we had to make use of a rather shitty map for the majority of our Rome adventures but I think we did fairly well all things considered.

Rome I think was where we first experienced the “I wanna die. No seriously, I can’t go on.” Type of heat. Italy isn’t just hot friends. It’s fucking boiling. Especially in August. We slathered ourselves with all of the sunscreen imaginable … several times a day. And then carried around water bottles that were re-filled what felt like every 15 minutes and drank with no need to use the loo as it’d evaporate from our bodies two seconds later. I must have drank 25 liters of water that day. But god bless Rome for having a city with all of the fountains. Fountains with cold, fantastic water all over the place. Thank you Rome.

Moving along-
We first walked through the Vatican City, the line for St. Peter’s Basilica was not of this earth. Potentially the longest queue I’ve ever seen. In the hottest sun I’d ever experienced so we also took a pass on that. But we did enjoy the fountains in the center.

We enjoyed the view from the Via della Conciliazione, we wandered up to the Castel Sant’Angelo and had a nosey around. He’s much more impressive the further away you get though I think. When you’re super close to him he doesn’t look as majestic.

We went to Palazzo di Giustizia, and found a lovely market along the way on Lungotevere Castello. We also saw some really lovely churches along the way. We passed by the Ara Pacis but we only gazed in through the glass. We also passed by the Mausoleum of Augustus but I’d heard you couldn’t enter anymore so we took a miss on this as well.

Then we went to the Piazza del Popolo to admire the obelisk, before making our way down the narrow streets to Trinita dei Monti/ Spanish Steps. He kind of appears suddenly, really pretty.

I’m gutted we missed out on the Capuchin Crypt. I think he would have been fascinating but I had no idea we walked right past it.

We sauntered around admiring different fountains, sculptures and architecture. We went to Piazza Barberini to check out the Triton fountain, and we also made a point of seeeing the Quattro Fontane. (Literally an intersection with four renaissance fountains.)

We checked out the Piazza della Repubblica, the Palazzo Chigi, and the Palazzo del Quirinale with the Quirinal Palace before heading towards the incredible Trevi Fountain. I have to say that this part of the city I particularly liked. A bit past the super touristy stuff were wee cafes and restaurants.

We walked through Palazzo Colonna where we found a building with air conditioning so we walked through enjoying the momentary relief. Then acquired more water from the fountain outside. We found Sant’Ignazio just by wandering around and then went for some gelato somewhere near there.

Then we went to the Pantheon, sauntered further along some of the streets exploring some of the University building before ending up in the Piazza Navona. We admired some of the museums and then dragged our exhausted feet back towards the Vatican (getting a better look at Castel Sant’Angelo on the way) to catch our shuttle bus home.

The next day we stayed home. On account of exhaustion.



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