Eurotrip 2012- Ancona

Yep, that’s all you get. Two lonely hotel photos for Ancona, because it was awful.

We were warned beforehand by a guide in Paris that if we had booked at Ancona that we should just avoid it as it’s mostly a stop made for people using the port to travel elsewhere and they wouldn’t really recommend staying there. Wikipedia pictures had fooled me into the belief that there’d be things to see and do- :( but we pondered our decision and then decided that a full 24 hours spent in a hotel chilling out with nothing… absolutely NOTHING to see or do for one day, would actually be quite nice after months of each day being filled with adventure(s).

I guess, in that way yes- Ancona was lovely. It was only lovely because I didn’t want to leave my hotel.
We initially tried to go for a walk once we arrived but we just didn’t feel comfortable walking around. People were leery and close walkers… I don’t know how to describe it. It was as if we were plopped into the most seedy and undesirable part of a city. Our only option for food seemed to be a wee pizza place downstairs. Later we did find a grocery store and ended up getting roasted chicken and fresh bread- but even that adventure had some pretty sketchy moments.

The hotel itself was okay. The rooms were nice and clean- but the whole place stunk a bit. There must have been something wrong with the plumbing on one of the floors- or something but there was a definite odor that lingered our entire stay.

So we just relaxed- watched Italian television, the Olympics and caught up on sleep. The internet didn’t seem to work in the room so we spent a lot of time downstairs in the lobby.

I think it was a good choice to have one single day of rest in the middle of all of this- just a shame it wasn’t the most cozy scenario.

The next day when we were waiting for the coach to pick us up to bring us to Rome other Busabout people came in and joined us in the lobby and after Roisin provided them with the wifi password (so they could also check their emails while they waited and connect to the outside world) the guy at the front desk lost the plot. He immediately changed the password at the desk and had to endure guests of the hotel calling down to ask what the problem was- he honestly caused himself a load of trouble because two extra girls were online for 30 minutes.

next stop- much more eventful: Rome!



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