Eurotrip 2012- Venice Part 2

The next day we decided to go to Venice in the evening for dinner and the sunset and head straight for the area we’d not ventured to – Cannaregio rather than spending another full day wandering around in the heat.

So we spent the day drinking delicious coffee in the cafe and venturing to the pool area, separating our time between the shallow kiddie pool and the big kid one.

Roisin found on google a trendy gay friendly restaurant called Paradiso Perduto so we had a destination for our adventure. We also of course looked into transportation and that’s when we discovered the people mover scenario. Much quicker and cheaper.

So when 5 o’clock rolled around we departed again and made our way to the restaurant. I really, really liked Cannaregio- it’s not as bustling or tourist heavy- it just feels much more relaxed. The streets aren’t difficult to navigate and of course, it’s beautiful.

We had a bit of difficulty ordering at the restaurant- there’s menus as well as this massive seafood/ veg bar where you tell them what you want or get a choice of certain selections. Everyone seemed to be there for this bar scenario so we assumed we should join in. Kinda wish we would have selected from the menu but it was also a really good experience to just ask for this random plate of a little of everything and have a bit of a food discovery. Some things were familiar, some of the dishes I’d never tried in my life. It’s always good to go with seafood when you’re on the coast of anywhere. Here’s what we had.

Then we just took our time walking back- stopping twice I believe for different types of gelato. Pistachio is a mutual favourite. I wish that you could acquire delicious gelato as easily in Canada as you do in Italy. Gelato is to Italy like hot dog carts are to Toronto… I think.

We stopped for a bit on the steps of a lovely building and this is when Roisin (Popes) started telling me the story of the ‘Lion King’ when I asked her to tell me a story. This has turned into a never-ending inside joke where she begins to recite the Lion King at any idle moment that we have.

“The Lion King… by Popes”… my personal favourite part of this version of the story is when she introduces Nala as Simba’s girlfriend and Nala as Simba’s sister… it’s so true she’s totally his sister.


I kind of wished we’d had a bit more time for this part of Venice because I really enjoyed that part of the city. San Marco is almost too overwhelming you don’t get as much of an opportunity to stand back and really watch things go by.

The next morning we were off again to the most rubbish place we encountered throughout our whole trip.



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