Eurotrip 2012- Innsbruck Part 1

We got in to Innsbruck capital of Tyrol and host to the Winter Olympics twice- around mid afternoon.

We had a bit of a trek to reach our hostel Pension-Hostel Glockenhaus, it’s up a bit of a steep hill from the main road but it’s a really pretty place. Inside they have these stone steps up to the rooms and we had these lovely exposed wooden beams. Only complaint really is that they just had a shower head and a bathtub and due to the slant in the ceiling you pretty much had to agree to take a bath rather than just having a quick shower in the morning. Ahh well, baths are relaxing.

I’m quite certain you had to pay for wifi as well which for a traveler always gives me the grumps a bit.

We decided to just drop our stuff and head into town to get something to eat- so we walked down and across the lovely Inn River to the Old Town and peeked at some of the sights including, Ottoburg (potentially oldest house in Innsbruck), the Golden Roof before acquiring some food and heading back to Glockenhaus to sleep before our our next full day of exploring.



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2 Responses to “Eurotrip 2012- Innsbruck Part 1”

  1. photographymemoirs Says:

    Lovely series of photographs. I’ve only ever been to Salzburg and thought how beautiful Austria was, so I’m looking or ward to going back one day. Take great care :)
    God bless

  2. Kayla Hillier Says:

    Thank you! x

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