Eurotrip 2012- Neuschwanstein Castle attempt 1

On the way to Innsbruck the Busabout tour stops at the famous and incredible Neuschwanstein Castle famous for it’s history and the fact that Disney’s Sleeping Beauty Castle was inspired by it.

The palace was commissioned by Ludwig II of Bavaria who is known as the “Mad King” or “Swan King”… he’s got a truly interesting story. I recommend havin’ a wee google.

Sadly our 2 hour stop to admire the castle was entirely ruined/thwarted/impossible due to an absolutely torrential downpour. All we did was purchase wee raincoats for them to fail at keeping our trousers from being sopping wet and water to drizzle in from the head hole. Our trip to the top of the hill to see the castle just wasn’t going to happen. So we took shelter to wait things out. Grabbed a quick bratwurst lunch then went right back to the bus.

We luckily had another opportunity to see it later in the trip. Just a shame that this afternoon was entirely a miss.



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