Eurotrip 2012- Lucerne

I forgot to mention back in Bern that we discovered that we’d not have the funds to finish our planned trip. We were supposed to go through Spain, Portugal as well as a good chunk of France but alas, we’re not rich and although we created a pretty solid budget- travel isn’t always cheap. So from that point on it did start to feel like the denouement or wind down to our adventure. We had to find time at some point to pick where we’d end and eventually do the saddest thing in the world- cancel hostel bookings and arrange our return home :(


I have mentioned that Switzerland is so beautiful that it’s like an entirely different planet right? Cause it is. Just so we’re straight on that one.

Lucerne of course, is no exception.

We got in a bit early which was fine, especially as the bus stopped quite far away from our hostel. So we started the long journey across the Reuss River towards Lion Lodge Luzern. To be fair it wasn’t that huge of a walk, but with a loaded backpack… yes, yes it was a massive, long walk. We had to stop quite a few times along the way to rest our shoulders and backs.

When we finally made it to the hotel we couldn’t check in until 4pm- it was just approaching 12pm so we knew we had quite a bit of time to kill but they were happy to take our backpacks and keep them stashed away for us. We were super hungry (which pretty much means grumpy) so we went off to find some food. We ended up settling into an Irish Pub and having some pints and toasties while watching the Olympics. We watched the Canadians and English win some medals while enjoying the free wifi. We also seemed to make pals with the owner- a jolly drunkish chap.

I was pleasantly surprised with our room at Lion Lodge- my booking said we had a shared bathroom but once we got into our room it was ensuite and they had wee balconies where you could sit and chill out on each floor. It was quite nice.

We just took it easy- went out for some Italian food, there was likely a nap in there somewhere, and got some sleep so we could be up early for our full day in the city.

The weather was amazing. We decided to just saunter about the city and take things in- the only thing I really, really needed to do was adventure through the covered bridges. Eee!

So we started with the Spreuerbrucke after walking through a bit of the Old Town part and enjoyed the paintings of the Dance of Death. Once we crossed over, we admired the architecture and stopped in to the Jesuit Church of St. Francis Xavier.

Then we went through the Kapellbrucke. These bridges are so stunning. I’ve never seen anything like them. Really cool. We wandered to the newer part of town after this and got some food to munch on and Roisin was as always, desperate to have some Coca-Cola. We sat in one of the ferry docks enjoying our treats and chatting for ages in the shade watching boats come in and out. Also looking at cute finches.

Then we started to walk back stopping in at the Church of St. Leodegar on the way as well as the very popular Lion Monument. It commemorates the Swiss Guards who were massacred in 1792 during the French Revolution. Mark Twain is quite the fan of this monument claiming it to be “the most mournful and moving piece of stone in the world.” More on that when you click that “Lion Monument” link.

Then we stopped at our wee Italian place again on the way back to the hotel to grab a pizza, then we played cards on the balcony at Lion Lodge for a couple hours.

The next day on the walk to the bus pick-up point I couldn’t help but admire the view of Mount Pilatus. Next we were heading back to Austria for our final adventure there.



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