Eurotrip 2012- Lauterbrunnen Part 2

There’s loads to do in Lauterbrunnen if you want to white water raft, or sky dive or pretty much do any super extreme sporting activity. So if you’re into thrills set your sails in this direction.

Personally, not my cup of tea. So we stuck to Lauterbrunnen itself for the few days we had there. Our neighbour at the campsite was a lovely elderly old woman with the most beautiful cat we’d ever seen that she’d sit outside with on a lead. He was also huge. He might as well have been a dog.

We played some cards and ventured to the showers which were surprisingly clean. We also walked through the campsite in awe of the surrounding mountains. Both days we managed to saunter up to Airtime the internet cafe. There was only pricey net access available at the campsite, whereas I could have a coffee and use it for free at the cafe. Airtime looks like this. Saaawwooooooon!

We wrote emails and caught up with the world in general for the first time in a long while. When you’re traveling like this you really do live in a wee bubble.

Then, again, for the second time in Switzerland- we discovered an amazing pool. We saw signs pointing to a swimming pool and didn’t really know what we were in for- but the public swimming pool on top of the hill right behind the main road… was … just spectacular. You’re literally nestled in the mountains. In the middle of the bloody Alps. Swimming. :O

We spent our last afternoon there for hours. A couple hours of swimming, a couple drying off in the sun by the pool, then swimming… Incredible.

That night we decided to have a traditional Swiss meal at the campsite’s chalet style restaurant. The food was kinda meh… we shared our dishes I went for some creamy, cheesy thing and Roisin had the more tasty meal. Then we played some cards and hit the hay as we had to get up super early the next morning to head out to Lucerne.

Now here’s my Contiki story… the first night everything was fine- festivities and cards… nice calm evening. The next day a Contiki bus pulled in and these kids were the loudest, rudest suckers I’ve ever encountered.

Keep in mind we have an elderly woman next door clearly on holiday with her massive cat… at around 3 in the morning (after being told about 12 million times that there was no noise allowed after 10pm in the campground) a group of Contiki-ers stood between our cottage and theirs shoutting, screaming and laughing clearly drunk as fuck. This carried on for at least 30 minutes and Roisin worked herself into a right rage so she got dressed and went outside and asked “Is it you shouting?!” to which these daft drunkards just stood and stared at her… So she asked them to shut up and again… no response… they did eventually disperse but that whole “deer in headlights” reaction to any form of confrontation or calling them out on their disastrous behaviour was a definite theme throughout the trip. (With them… and some of the Busabout passengers…)

So with very little sleep we got up the next morning and hopped on the bus for this group of absolute wankery boys (with an extra loud ring leader of course) to sit at the back and start loudly giving the blow by blow of each and every girl they “encountered” the previous night. See- there was a group tour specific bar on the campsite that we avoided like the plague. We had heard stories of young girls going there and taking their tops off and these kids acting like complete knobheads. So this guy in the back of the bus was pretty much just giving us the specifics- which clearly no one else cared to hear at 8 o’clock in the morning where his wee penis had been last night.

So Roisin told him so.

Again. They just stared at her. So the one guy just continued on with misogynist tall tales- his friends were clearly uncomfortable and luckily he shut up as his audience dissipated. Good. Grief.

We did complain at the front desk when we checked out about the noise the previous night mentioning our neighbour and nothing much was said. I just couldn’t help but feel like what could be an amazing campsite was wasted on disrespectful teens. I almost think all the tour groups should be segregated. Not everyone wanted to party. I also should mention that when we got up in the morning the entire campground where they were staying was littered with bottles and rubbish – puke in some places. The staff were quickly cleaning it all up but I feel like I would have been banging on the culprits’ doors demanding they clean it. Now.

Old lady much?
Just a shame.

But onto Lucerne!



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