Eurotrip 2012- Lauterbrunnen

The next afternoon we embarked on our journey to the tiny municipality of Lauterbrunnen which lies of course in the Lauterbrunnen Valley nestled in the Bernese Alps.

The beautiful scenery that we saw from the window of the bus during the drive can’t really be described. Switzerland is it’s own bloody planet as far as I’m concerned. The grass is greener, water bluer, mountains taller and snow capped. It’s like no other place.

Our destination was Camping Jungfrau which of course lay beneath Jungfrau. My only mild complaint from the off is that all bus tours stop here- including Contiki. I’m not an 18 year old looking to get drunk on my parent’s dime and “see the world”… (*insert blanket generalization here*) so their company was not always a welcome scenario. More about this later …
But I’m almost 30 and I’m on this incredible trip in the middle of the Alps with my girlfriend- so I wish that the campsite wasn’t so stuffed with … “young people” ;) Surely this is more of a summer scenario.

Anyoo- so we got in a bit late and a lovely fella showed us to our wee cottage where we’d live for the next few days.
The cottage- now, he was a beat! Exactly what I’d expected- old 70s decor, sweet smell of old campy goodness. Some people may not have been keen on the dated aspects of this sucker but I was enchanted. Way too excited to play cards with a few cans of beer and enjoy each other’s company. I bloody love a campground.
It was also pretty clear that a family used to stay there left over stickers on mirrors and such… and I wondered about them the whole time we stayed here. What they were like and where they were now.

We unpacked and got settled, bought some snacks for the fridge and then we went out for the Swiss National Day firework festivities. I’d never seen fireworks so close before… we were right underneath ’em- my eyes were watering. The light they provided gave us mere glimpses of the view that we’d indulge in the next morning in daylight.



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