Eurotrip 2012- Bern

I think that the Swiss capital Bern was likely my second favourite of all the places we traveled- a very close second- behind Dresden.

It’s gorgeous. It was probably the prettiest residential place we set our eyes on. (You can’t take anything away from the natural sights our peepers got to enjoy.)

We stayed at the incredible Landhaus Hotel– it was the most expensive place we stayed- but to be fair we also upgraded our room to a private suite from a shared room and got a massive discount on a ‘holy shit amazing’ room.
The hotel is so clean, and well decorated. It has a cafe/restaurant downstairs that is really lovely. It doesn’t feel like a hotel, it feels like a posh house. Maybe it felt so upscale after many hostels etc… but the room we stayed in I would go back to on my honeymoon. It was that bloody lovely. I’m talking unique windows with neat views of old town, a lovely bathroom and cozy, comfy bed. And I dug the decor- old leather chair etc. Awesome. Hands down, best hotel room I think I’ve ever stayed in.

That first day we of course had a nap, then we watched a bit of the Olympics in bed because we were too comfortable. We went out for a walk through town to end up enjoying some of the festivities for Swiss National Day which was coming up that week. Loads of people were out in the streets listening to live bands play and they had vendors selling delicious food- I think we got some sausages. We took at peek at some of the main sights: Bern Minster, the Federal Palace of Switzerland and of course admired the River Aare. It was just nice to be out and about wandering the town with the locals.

The next day was beautiful- So Roisin looked into public swimming and also checked to see if you could in fact swim safely in the Aare. She found Freibad Marzili so we put it on the list of things to do for the day.

We just took our time walking through Old Town and checking out the things that we’d seen the previous night in the daylight. The water is unbelievably blue. Of course we stopped at the Zytglogge to check out the astronomical clock.

I think Bern is also one of the few places that we visited where I felt like they handle the old and new like Edinburgh does. It doesn’t feel dated or like a time capsule- people are still living and enjoying the city but they’ve honoured the old architecture. Love, love, love!

We got a chance to check out some markets and once we’d had our fill we started to make our way towards Freibad Marzili. On the way of course Roisin befriended a cat- we named him Lars.

The Pools are incredible – I didn’t take photos because people were topless at points or really close to me in their suits… didn’t really feel right. But this Google Images Search may give you a better idea or This Picture. Friggen INCREDIBLE.

The pools were nice enough but we set our sights on the river… it was bloody cold but you get used to it. I don’t recommend this for everyone but Roisin and I are good swimmers so we joined in hopping into the water and letting the current drag you around the bend and then latching on to the railings before you go too far. We got a couple scrapes and scratches from the rocks but it was such an amazing experience. Did I mention I love Bern?

We came back as the sun was setting- grabbed something quick to eat and then walked around a bit more after sunset.
Of course we watched more of the Olympics before turning out the lights – excited of course for the few more hours that we had in Bern the next morning.



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