Eurotrip 2012- Paris (again)

Paris! What I like to call the most reliable city to visit… ever.

Who goes to Paris and comes back saying “It was shitty and awful. All of the horrible”? No one. No one says that. Rain or shine, it is the best place to go if you want to be guaranteed to enjoy yourself. *Insert someone who had a shitty time there here.*

As Roisin and I had both had our own extensive visits to the city and we’d also started our Busabout tour from there we decided to take it easy. We somewhat ended up integrating some of our favourite parts from our individual trips into one day.

The journey from Stuttgart to Paris is the longest stretch that one can make during the Busabout trips. It’s also the most empty- there’s normally about 6-12 people on that bus which makes it kinda amazing. (At least while we were journeying.) You take off around 11ish in the morning and then you don’t arrive to Paris until 9pm or so considering traffic. So we just chilled out, slept- the usual.

We made decent time and the only problem that arose was getting to our hotel: Hotel Les Chansonniers. We did that whole getting off the tube then walking in the wrong direction thing- and after a couple blocks of back and forth with our massive bags we weren’t exactly chipper.

The hotel was kinda neat- old and tiny as all things are in Europe but it did the job. That night we just got settled and went down to the wee bar area and had a pint while watching the Olympics. It was the first time that we got to watch any of it and luckily it was the gymnastics. Eee!

The next day it was sunny- hooray! So we set off to Pere Lachaise Cemetery. Roisin hadn’t been before which I found shocking so we went for a wander. We hit all the typical spots- Oscar Wilde, Edith Piaf … but then we discovered the very interesting grave of Victor Noir– it’s apparently a fertility symbol. You can find so many interesting things when you have a wee saunter.

Then we went to Montmartre where we frolicked in certain types of establishment and I took Roisin to the I Love You Wall. We had strong coffee and smoked a couple cigarettes while people watching and chatting at a sidewalk cafe.

Then we pretty much walked across the whole bloody city… we went down from Montmartre just taking things in- over to Palais Garnier– he’s one of my favourites. Went over to peek at Notre Dame- I tried to take her to the Memorial de la Deportation but sadly it was closed. Went to put a lock on the Pont des Arts but then realized we’d forgotten it so a photo did the trick.

Then Roisin took me to Polidor for delicious food. At this point I think we were both starving. (There may have been some arguing at some point and a desperate trip to a Subway Sandwich Shop trying to acquire some form of snack for cheap. Crepes around Notre Dame are highway robbery!) I had beef bourguignon nom nom. It’s the type of place where you sit on these long benches next to other people and we ended up next to this group of two couples from Holland who were cycling around Europe. They were really lovely and we had a bit of a chat. Coincidence land- the very next day on our way to Switzerland we stopped at a service station and ran into them again. The world is tiny. Tiny, tiny, tiny.

Anyhoo- Then we wandered for a bit down St. Germain des Pres before I acquired a delicious cookie from some shop and we made our way back to the hotel.

Shame we didn’t have another day to spend in Paris. But I’m positive I’ll always return. It’s just too good. It’s Paris!



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2 Responses to “Eurotrip 2012- Paris (again)”

  1. leonidaskirotawa Says:

    hi, your blog is very cool and your Eurotrip will help me a lot in my Eurotrip in August :3, thanks so much for the posts, please continues. I’m stalking this blog and take notes of everything I’ll need.


  2. Kayla Hillier Says:

    Thanks! There’s still about 20 posts to go – I’m gonna try to be a bit quicker posting them- you must be so excited for your trip ah!
    Happy to hear you’re enjoying the posts!

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