Eurotrip 2012- Munich Part 2

I’m wondering if Munich is where Roisin slagged me off for how I take photos… because there’s pretty much zero photos of our time spent in the city itself. This is kind of odd as we ended up there three times throughout the trip and it’s probably the city that felt the most like home- but I have so few photos of the lovely food we ate or sights that we saw.

Even our walk through the garden from the day before didn’t get documented hmmm- what can you do?

The next day we were hungover- who knew that three tankards of beer would do that to you? So we slept in- we were also feeling a bit ill. We figured doing all this travel would eventually catch up with us. Everyone seemed to have a cold on the bus. It was bound to happen. So we decided to take it a bit easy as we’d be returning to Munich anyway.

We had tentative plans with Alan again but we ended up cancelling because we felt pretty awful by midday.
I did force Roisin to accompany me on a walk to see the Glockenspiel though. Very important.

So we grabbed a quick meal at a noodle bar type place and went towards the Sendlinger Tor.

We stopped in St. Jakob’s Platz to check out the Jewish Centre before moving on to the Viktualienmarkt. Then we sauntered back to the Rindermarkt before finally making our way to Marienplatz where the New Town Hall is located and of course the Glockenspiel! Marienplatz is pretty cool – the town square has been located there since 1158 Wikipedia tells me. That’s very old to a Canadian.

The Glockenspiel was cool enough- I took a wee video… then I realized the thing was going to last ages and gave up haha. 15 minutes of my life is now devoted to that thing.

We were quite intrigued by this woman searching the bins in the square for trinkets and prizes. She was quite meticulous and had gadgets to help her search.

We got fancy hot beverages and then went further along to check out the Old Town Hall then decided to end this short sightseeing day by peeking into two churches St. Peter’s and Heiliggeistkirche respectively.

Roisin did indeed call it quits. Which she hadn’t really done before. So I trusted her and we went to bed. Nurshing our hangovers. Trying to avoid the cold that was clearly on its way.

Next up- Stuttgart!



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