Eurotrip 2012- Vienna Part 2

The next day we decided to take the tube back to the Naschmarkt. This place is a bloody dream for anyone who’s really into cooking, baking… food in general. Awesome wee booths with everything- fancy vinegars,oils, spices and herbs- tiny restaurants squished next to baked goods and breads. It’s really neat- good atmosphere, would have loved to be staying closer, somewhere with a kitchen- so we could have prepared a lovely meal.

We decided to essentially walk the same route as our tour from the previous night but allow ourselves time to take photos and visit some of the places the guide had highlighted.

First stop was Secession Hall. I need to read more about this but my understanding is that it’s an exhibition hall created by rebel artists who broke from the original Vienna fine art institution. More can found about this here.

We went past Karlsplatz and then over to the Vienna State Opera where we looked to see if there were any cheap tickets available but it was closed. We tried to see a few other shows- the Vienna boy’s choir and the Lipizzaner horses but both had nothing going on while we were in town. The opera house is stunning though.

We pondered going into the Albertina but decided to continue our walk in attempt to see as much as we could- walked over to Albertinaplatz to admire the Monument against War and Fascism.

Walked for a bit down Karntner Strasse before again trying to decide if we wanted to go into the Capuchin Church which has the Imperial Crypt for the House of Habsburg but it was little pricey. There’s a bit of regret here for not having bit the bullet.

We went to Donnerbrunnen again to get a better look at Providentia, and went inside the stunning St. Stephen’s Cathedral (Stephansdom). We sauntered around Stephansplatz, took some photos of the Haas House and wandered down to the Pestsaule again.

Easily the most beautiful thing I think I saw in Vienna was entirely unexpected. St. Peter’s Church has got to be my favourite church of all the ones I wandered through for this entire Eurotrip. It’s up there with Paris’ Sainte Chapelle. From the outside it doesn’t look like much at all- but inside it’s just stunning. To be fair there was an organ concert going on at the time so that likely added to the atmosphere- but it’s really, really beautiful.

We went up the Kohlmarkt admiring the super fancy things we can’t afford (including taking a few photos of chocolatiers making delicious treats) to Michaelerplatz.

We went into St. Michael’s Church, took a peek at Looshaus again then finally took a saunter through the much anticipated Hofburg Palace. So cool.

Then we went to Heldenplatz. It was especially strange to be there without thinking about photos like this one.

We took a peek at the Ausseres Burgtor and stopped in Maria-Theresien-Platz again pondering whether or not we should properly explore the Museumsquartier or continue to explore and find new things. We opted to continue exploring.

We took a peek at the Theseus Temple in the Volksgarten modeled after the one in Greece. The Volksgarten in general though, is really lovely.

We looked at the Austrian Parliament Building, the Burgtheater, the Rathauspark and the Rathaus which was hosting some kind of outdoor event/filmfest with palm trees and the like all around. We also checked out the University of Vienna and the Votive Church (Votivkirche) before turning back and heading to find some food before making the long journey back to our hotel.

We did manage to see the Mozart monument and the Schiller monument – as well as have a saunter through Spittelberg. Quite often in Austria we’d see Mariahilfer related street names or signs. It always made me think it was my name “Marie Hillier” “Maria Hilfer”… close enough. We got something to eat which surely was tasty, but clearly not as important as the sachetorte that I finally got to eat. It was delicious. Not as good as my mum’s birthday cake… but tasty.

The next day was our final day to explore Vienna but I do have to admit that this day was much more enjoyable than the previous.


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